1. J

    Summer house/ workshop with C16 timber instead of c24 any good?

    Due of timber cost going mad day by day I was thinking to use c16 4x2 timber to make a garden summer house/ workshop in conjunction with 18mm plywood. Would you use c16 as main structure for the walls and what is the real cons against the c24? Thanks
  2. S

    Refurbishing my workshop

    Hey guys, Thanks for taking the time out to read this post. I have a workshop which was built in the rear of my garden in the early 80's. The house it self is based in East London and the workshop is around 6mX8m wide. The roof is pitched with a height of 4.5 metres at the back and around...
  3. leaf17

    Soundproofing workshop

    Hi guys, Hoping for some advice on how I can retro-soundproof my wood workshop. I say soundproof, but what I really mean is limit the sound to a level where my neighbours don't complain! As you can see on the images below, it's a very simple timber-frame shed. It was built to a cost and I...
  4. J

    Ideas on back garden workshop outbuilding shed construction materials

    Planning to build a workshop around 8x5m on my back garden. Ideally would need to be warm enough to be used during winter without freezing. As I have a limited budget, I`m looking for any suggestion on materials and construction methology to optimise the outcome. Thanks
  5. D

    Cable for garage and workshop

    Hi I have reviewed some previous posts but I am not sure of the size of SWA cable to use for a garage and workshop. I am only planning to put the cable under the floor before some laminate gets laid - I am yet to get planning permission for the garage - but thought I would save an awkward job...
  6. D

    Soffit lighting with Philips Hue GU10

    Hi all, Looking at buying soffit downlights for my new workshop (work in progress) and would like them to use the Philips Hue GU10 bulbs - think I'll only need two (or three?), soffit is 2.5 meters. These are the Downlight and here are the Bulbs I would like to know if the bulbs would be safe...
  7. L

    Standard / moisture / vapour plasterboard on single skin wall

    Hello All, I've gone round and round in circles on this and would appreciate some input please.... Last autumn a workshop was built at the back of my garden, it was built on a concrete slab and constructed of med-density concrete blocks (single skin) with a OSB roof covered EPDM. Last winter...
  8. Richskirich

    Sloping shed base

    Hi, I'm building a workshop at the top of the's 6x3.5m. the slab has been poured but due to a mess up on my part it has a 0.5⁰ slope from the back to the front, putting the front around 50mm lower than the back. It will be a timber framed workshop on a single course of bricks (which...
  9. D

    Workshop Build

    So I have started my workshop build today... Finally! I am knocking down my current garage to make way for a double story side extension on my house so need the workshop to house all my tools and junk. (See...
  10. C

    Recommended circuit for arc welder, CU - Garage - welder.

    Hi guys 'n gals. In a nutshell what would you recommend from the consumer unit, 30m to a garage, CU in there and out to an old oil filled arc (stick) welder capable of going from 30 amps up to 180 amps. At the moment I have CU in the house with 45amp Type C RCBO, 10mm T&E to garage 30m away...
  11. D

    Building a workshop.

    I have a small workshop from a pent shed, it's all wired up to the consumer unit and certified. However it is really to small and two low to work in. I want to build a bigger workshop around 4m x 4m. I will keep it pent and frame will be 6 x 2 C16/C24 timber. The issue I'm having is I can not...
  12. nichollsjames

    Garage Roof

    Corrugated metal garage & roof, trusses are triangular and about 6ft from concrete floor. I’m 6ft6 and have a sore head. Can I brace the joists with metal or wood and cut out the bottoms of them? If so how do I do it and what materials should I use? Thanks
  13. G

    Levelling workshop floor

    Morning, I have recently laid a concrete base in the garden for a new workshop. It is larger than the workshop base as it will also be a woodstore and shelter for garden furniture etc. consequently it was constructed with a fall so water drains from the back and sides. Obvious issue now is...
  14. S

    Advice on custom shed

    The base is done and dusted last year. I was going to order the shed late last year but aired against it due to the possibility of sealing moisture into the wood when painting/treating the wood and not drying out properly. At 10 x 8, It's main use will be a garden shed but im also planning to...
  15. G

    Outbuilding - WorkShop

    Hello All, I have scoured the interweb for information on designing, planning and eventually building an workshop for myself. I have been granted planning permission to build a 5m x 8m at 3.3m high outbuilding with a flat roof. Now I need to apply for building regulation which is where I am...
  16. N

    Garden brewery/workshop shed - best insulation option?

    Hi all. I've been reading and re-reading articles on shed insulation and am now totally confused. I'm building a workshop/brewery shed down the end of the garden - 3.5x4.5m. Plan is to build a 2x4 pressure treated timber frame on three courses of bricks to get the frame and cladding off the...
  17. Bagheera

    Insulated timber-framed Garden Room

    Hi folks, Happy new year to you all! It's that time of year where thoughts turn to DIY projects for the coming year so for my first post on this forum I wanted to outline my plans for a self-built insulated garden room (all the rage at the moment I gather from the number of posts on here) and...
  18. S

    Detached garage / workshop wall insulation

    Hello group, I'm planning the upgrade to my garage to make it a more pleasant (=warm) place to work on the car. It will not be habitable space. The garage construction is fully detached from the house and built as follows: Walls - 215mm solid wall of 102mm facing brick tied to 100mm block...
  19. B

    Outhouse, Workshop, Help needed please.

    Hi All, Firstly thanks for taking the time out to read my thread. I'm currently building a workshop in my garden, nothing fancy but it will do the do for me. it will take up no more than 11% of the garden and is made from brick and block (cavity) and will have a hip style roof. It's in from...
  20. J

    How to best ventilate 18ft x 8ft wooden workshop

    I've just had an 18 ft by 8 ft wooden workshop installed. It's got no windows since I wanted to make it secure (it will house all my tools, bikes etc) and I *may* convert it into a cinema room at a later date. I've spent the last few days insulating it. After spending the past few months...