A barrier of some sort across our driveway?

11 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
We had our drive opened up to take both cars. Because it's 1) in the middle of the street and 2) a big opening, we know people use our drive as a turning point.

Cars is bad/cheeky enough but i've caught HGVs doing it. Came home today to see when we turned on to our road someone on our drive doing their 3 point turn. Excessively so since for some reason they felt the need to reverse right up to the house too before they pulled out & exited the road.

I'm not quite sure of the best thing to have here to put a stop to it.

Wooden fences, metal fences, chain across, posts in the floor. There's plenty of things out there but i'm not sure really what'd be best. It's also a fairly wide opening (if you need measurements i can get them tomorrow) & i would've thought with a gate there'd be a lot of strain on the post/hinge.


Photo 31-01-2016, 1 52 02 pm.jpg

My camera was sat on top of a concrete post - this is ours. The wall you see in the distance with the copings on top belongs to our neighbour.
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The problem is, whether bollards or gates, they will inconvenience you too. So is that daily inconvenience going to be worth it for the number of times people use the entrance to turn in?

I'd say electronic controlled tastes would be ideal. But consider the cost of repairs caused by careless drivers. You might need CCTV too.
I knew we would progress quickly to this.

Talk to people in person & you get: "yeah how cheeky of them. That's wrong" etc etc etc

Talk to people online & while you do get the above you also get: "they're doing no harm. Have they killed you? No! So what's the problem?!"

The thing is there's a huge turning circle at the top of the cul-de-sac. Trust me if a friend of mine can turn his HGV at the top of this road (ok with some shunting but big deal) then I'm sure a car can manage it in 1. It's just pure laziness, that's all it is, nothing more, nothing less.

And IF I was to turn there & the drive wasn't mine then I would bump on to the kerb & 3 point it, but I wouldn't pull on to their drive, never mind reverse right back on it up to the house.

Thanks for the links though. :)
I've got a similar width driveway/dropped kerb & get similar problems with lazy sods pulling a U turn. A sign for starters (otherwise in 12 years time some chancer is going to claim your driveway as public land because 'I've always turned round there'.
I've contemplated some of those 1 way traffic barrier teeth sets in the ground (it'll be far cheaper rigging some sort of solenoid retractor for them than putting in motorised gates or bollards) but think they could lead to confrontation......
I like bernardgreen's idea (combined with signage 'WARNING etc etc TRESPASS etc etc')
The rising bollards would be lush but the automatics are going to cost a fortune (my guess) and the manual ones will be irritating for you. If you think of anything else, let us know :)
My initial thought was a stinger put down when our cars aren't there but I don't think that'd go down too well :)

I do wonder though about these 'making a fuss over nothing' type people...
....how they'd react over similar, when people are on THEIR property etc.

Very easy to say online I find. Never met these kind of people in person though.
Similar here. One woman opposite used to tell her visitors to park in front of my driveway (she parks at the front of her house on what would have been the front garden)- when I turn up and get irritated I've got a bad attitude apparently. Strangely, after I left my van outside her house for a day or so (of course I moved it eventually when she wanted to be in or out), the problem went away.

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