Accessing my driveway

Cheers. The only other thing is there is a telegraph pole in the pavement about 2.5m from what would be one of the edges of the dropped kerb/driveway. But again, that surely wouldn't be in the way I don't think.

When you apply for PP, the planners will request a report from the Highways Engineers, and part of their checks are the "visibility splays" from a vehicle exiting the property.

There are set guidelines (from an old DETR document) detailing how far you should be able to see in each direction for various road categories, and if an object obstructs vision to a significant degree, then a refusal is made on those grounds alone.
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And a telegraph pole doesn't count as a significant obstruction. Plus fewer than five properties on an access road and vision splay requirements don't come into it (unless said access road is to be adopted).
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Well I'm hoping that the telegraph pole won't be considered a major obstruction as to the left of that is a telephone box, and my next door neighbours have had a dropped kerb and the phonebox is right on the edge, I mean if you moved it across a few inches it would be in the way of their drive!