Alarm panel Replacement?

20 Sep 2019
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United Kingdom
Good Evening

I have inherited a Scantronic 9448+ plus alarm system at the new house. When I try to set the alarm, Zone 2 would light up. When the alarm was NOT set the sensors in Zone 2 would flash. These are shock sensors.

I replaced the sensors in Zone 2 but as I was changing the last one, the alarm panel went off/blew a fuse and the external sounder was going off.
I replaced a fuse in the control panel but I couldn't enter any codes. The user code or engineer code wouldn't enter. I had backlights but keypad wouldn't work.

Would I be better off replacing this panel with something more modern? Or is it easy to fix?

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First point ....they may be wired to detector reset output ...and will show as zone 2 for about 15 secs....did you wait to see if alarm would set ?
Flashing in the day would be normal in this way
Have you tried 1234 code as the panel may have defaulted
Is that normal/correct for it to be wired that way then?

I will have a look after work this afternoon. I disconnected the main power to it. I will attach a picture later of the board for you to take a look at if that is ok?

Another thing I noticed, There are 2 blue wires not connected labelled as E/E, should these be connected.

Thanks for the help
The E/E is the entry zone ...has the property had a new door fitted and the contact removed ?
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Zone 2 is back door, side window, and lounge X2. All shock sensors.

Zone 1 is front door, bathroom, and bedrooms. Front door and Bathroom has the shocks replaced with the 2 part magnetic contacts.

So as far as I can see all entry points have a contact in place.
Much appreciate the time and help. I will get a photo this evening after work.

Hi Sparky

Attached are images of the panel. Anything else you need?


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Apologies for that. Try those.



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That looks a total mess ...wired in BT cable many cables come into that panel ?
Do you think it would be best to get a new panel? Or rip all the wiring out and a full new system?

I would rip it out and start again ...

Oh!! We were hoping to keep this wired system due to having the shock sensors as these will go off before a forced entry. Even if it meant just keeping the wiring from each of the window/door contacts and putting a new panel in.

Might have to go for a wireless with only door contacts and a couple of PIR.

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