Alienware m15 2018

21 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
So above laptop .... was playing escape from tarkov a few weeks ago . Out of no where blue screen hits , resets but started to hang for about 5 mins on the re boot . When I got in In I discovered my hdd was unrecognised and all files not accessible , I have 2x m.2 ssds one has games on such as tarkov , the other is windows boot , I have my nvidea highlights videos saved to hdd so can only assume as the game in question is ran off ssd and crashed it must of caused an issue this way via hdd . Diagnostics says hdd is ok how ever I’ve gone into partition setting and the hdd drive is not displayed , not displayed on bios either . Had a look and all connections seem ok , if I disconnect hdd the laptop boots up quick as normal . With it connected it will take about 5 mins to boot , does it sound like the hdd has shat the bed ? thanks
I’ve uploaded some pics ,
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Had me puzzled there, you said you had 2 ssd's yet showed Hdd's.
Either way an SSD is going to give the best option for hard drives these days.
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