Angela Rayner

You of course cannot know this.
None of us know this, that's the point. Most have said she should get appropriate punishment if she has done anything wrong. Not an issue with that. The powers that be are aware of the accusations and are investigating.

The trouble is you have decided on the outcome already.
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like this.

"The asset freeze will raise fresh questions about the due diligence that Sunak and the Conservative party carried out on Tripathi before taking his money and giving him access to senior ministers.

Since he started donating to the Tories in 2021 he has attended meetings with various cabinet ministers on multiple occasions."

Hang on a sec is this thread about AR or is this just a swerve to draw attention away from her?
I think it's time to move on from Angela Rayner accidentally paying the right amount of Capital Gains Tax.

The other issues being raised might still prove more troublesome for her. I would love to know Stockport council's RTB policy as regards living there as the main home after purchase.
We know she wont. She has rightly been held to acaccount.
Has she?

By who? Just you and the media. Nobody actually important, or actually in knowledge of the facts

I will wait for the outcome and any appropriate punishment. As should you because you are obsessed about a relatively trivial thing and ignoring worse issues. It's not a good look, or even a balanced position.

And it shows
A causal observer can draw a clear line between those that see and those that don't want to admit. A bit sad really.
Nothing wrong with waiting for the outcome of a full and true investigation.

By the police and hmrc no less.

Mbk isn't anywhere near that level of knowledge, or ability
She has rightly been held to account.

In a trial carried out inside Motorbiking's head.

I don't know why we bother with courts, evidence and justice if it's as easy as that. Motorbiking thinks he can manage without any of it.

It's clear why. Only Tories are allowed to be hammered on this forum, by order of the left wing mafia.

What is hilarious is that our resident leftwing lovies, actually contribute to the damage of Angela Rayner's reputation due to the way the site's SEO works. Keep it going chaps.

Do they come round to make you an offer you can refuse, but subject to passive-aggressive silences, lip-wobbling and teary admonitions?

Otherwise you wake up with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer's head in your bed.

You must be able to see through his smoke screen.
Come on Carmen this is below you. MBK has stated this directly and I have not seen any evidence that he has not. Please provide direct evidence that MBK has used anything that is not already in the public domain.
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