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16 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
It is Monday and a bank holiday.

Today, I saw a young girl being issued a £150 fixed penalty notice out side of the pub that I was drinking in. I went out, spoke to her mate that was waiting for her in his car.

I explained to her that she is not legally obliged to show ID. (which is true) I went on to say that it is an offence to provide false information. The parasites that work for Kingdom Security told me that they would have me arrested for talking to her.

for what it is worth, I have read the 1990 Environmental Act and the 2005 Cleaner Neighbourhood Act. Additionally, I have read DEFRA's advice to environmental officers.

The parasites threatened to call the police unless I walked away from them.

I do not like bullies and I dislike councils that employ scum companies.

Ealing council allows a company from the Wirral to "rip" people off.

Shame on all of the councils that treat their residents as cash cows
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I'm guessing littering - chucking a dog end away. If so, I agree with the fine. About 45 years ago, an apprentice that I worked with was with me on a residential factory training course at Fords in Daventry, chucked a chip wrapper in the street. He was told to pick it up by a copper. He told him to **** off, they arrested him, took him back to the station and he got fined £8. He had the keys to the car we were in so I had to walk back to our hotel.
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I agree that littering should be punished. But the little Hitlers are supposed to ask you nicely to pick it up first before heading to fineville.

Of course, they don't. But they should.

What if you genuinely dropped something, like went into your pocket for some sweets and accidentally pulled out a tissue that fell to the floor?


And wrong. Very very wrong.
I have no problem with this really, if it was littering, and not just smoking. There is never a reason to drop litter. Take it home, and if you don't like that, don't create any litter in the first place.

But ... was this on public land or pub land? If pub, then their rules should be clearly displayed but it would be nothing to do with the police (afaik), and if public, then not a private security matter? Although ...

According to Keep Britain Tidy:

"People who drop litter can be fined or face prosecution in court. Authorised officers have the power to issue a fixed penalty charge of up to £80 for a litter offence, as an alternative to prosecution. If the offender is prosecuted and convicted in court, the fine could rise to £2,500."
https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/faq...pping litter is illegal.,could rise to £2,500.

But, who are "Authorised officers"?
That info might be out of date.
Redbridge council say £150 fine.

Oh, and ... private land

"It’s an offence to drop litter on land or into water that’s accessible to the public even if it’s private land. This applies to private land that the public can access, for example a right of way. Offenders can be prosecuted in a magistrates’ court and fined up to £2,500."

Take it home.
Hardly a deterrent is it? She probably got around the corner and emptied a bag full of junk out to get her moneys worth.
I know someone who did this is as a job. Apparently they have to get you to admit to littering, the admission is caught on body cam, before they can issue the fine

E.g. "Excuse, I saw you just drop that, can you pick it up?" as a starter

If you refuse to engage they're not able to do owt, or so I was told.
Say nothing and walk away...

If the f*ckers attempt to stop you call the police and tell them said f*ckers have just assaulted you!
Yeah, that's the attitude, encourage people to **** all over our streets and then make false accusations of assault against people trying to do their job. That will make society a better place.
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