Brown in history books

Do you want Brown and his croonies to ruin the country further?

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Perhaps you could made a list of those countries not affected by the world recession.

Every country has been affected by the recession, even China and the U.A.Emirates, because worldwide, every one is buying less.
But these countries and many more have wealth reserves, just because they are in recession it does not mean they have financial debts.

Over the last 10 years our economy has been built on debt, and false house prices have fuelled the economy,
with people borrowing against their supposed value, a case of the Emperors clothes, if ever their was one.

Our industries are slowly being eroded, as we cannot compete against the likes of China and other emerging countries.

Ask yourselves why the IMF judge us to be in such a poor position, compared to other developed countries.
And why the pound has devalued by so much, against other currencies.

The great tragedy of all this is, irrespective of who you blame for this countries ill's, we are technically bankrupt.
We can never hope to repay our debts, and we will sink further into decline.

You ain't seen nothing yet.
I'm not misquoting you. This is what you said.
Gordon Brown is the one who CAUSED the financial mess (by totally encouraging financial deregulation and a very light touch by the FSA, to allow the unsustainable credit upon which his 'boom years' were built) - and now he wants us to believe he is the big hero coming to fix it all?

Allowing Gordon Brown to try and fix the financial mess is about as sensible as employing Josef Frtizl as a babysitter! (Or Tony B.Liar as the Middle East "Peace Envoy"!!!)

And I disagreed with it

And still do.

The financial collapse is a world-wide problem caused by the international, and particularly American, financial systems, not one that was caused by Brown.

I had you down as someone intelligent. :rolleyes:
My post related to what TW had said earlier and you have choosen to take it entirely out of context but that's your choice.
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