Angela Rayner

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It’s the only excuse she can go with, unless she wants to confess to the error.

But you are welcome to price up the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll have rather a lot of change from £23k.

Or do you believe the BS about where she claimed to be living
that she did all the sums at the time and worked out there was nothing to pay.

I don't think she is claiming that she did all the sums at the time. You seem to be shifting the goalposts. It seems pretty straightforward to me. These accusations surfaced a couple of months ago. This caused her to take expert advice. Amongst other things, this advice told her that, because of the improvements she carried out, she did not have a CGT liability. What could be more simple than that?
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The requirement to declare within 60 days

If it turns out that it wasn't her main home then, yes, it is possible that she mistakenly failed to declare within 60 days that she had no tax to pay. I can't see anyone getting very worked up about that, though (with the obvious exceptions!)
You are going in circles.

It cannot be her main home if there was no declaration within 2 years. It goes on the facts and the facts are he and she were living at his address
you're talking about motorbiking

perhaps he's issued one of his imaginary press releases.
No, I'm talking about a senior Labour politician who has engaged in precisely the sort of behaviour that she has criticised and attacked others for. And people like you defend her because you don't have a basic moral compass. You are a tribal Labour voter.

This is how tribal minds operate - the only thing that matters about people is that they are on what you perceive to be your side. Of course, in this case it is actually perverse because Labour politicians have little if anything in common with plebs like you and certainly don't care about you. At least the primitive, African tribesmen can justifiably trust and favour "their own".
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