Attaching a new facia board to slates

5 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
The slates go half way down to the ground from a flat roof and are just off vertical.

The facia needs to squeeze up between the overlap of the torches surface of the flat roof and the beginning of the slanted area (asbestos slates about 2 foot by 1 foot,I'd say)

The slates are attached to the beams of the house and the original facia was nailed through them into those beams.

I can't locate these beams any more and am very uncertain as to whether they would support the weight of the facial if I was to find them .

I want to glue/mastic the new facia to the slates and wonder what is the best one to use.( the last time I did this job ,just replacing the same facia that had come off it just lasted a year until a wind took it down again,)

I also have bees there so I don't get to do this is a calm and collected manner as I can be up the ladder with a heavy piece of wood and some temperamental bees in attendance....
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