Bedroom Light HELP!

They are rated class two and should come with double square symbol on, that is the British standard the symbol.

I always thought that meant doubly insulated. OK I can see an argument for the sleeving forming an insulator but it is not very substantial? at least not on the ones I saw. I felt (and may be wrong) that if the sleeving gets old /over heated then it would fragment and then possibly put the line conductor in contact with the metal housing which does not have a CPC.
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I have seen plenty of them cheap ones ie argos, that I would not care for.
More info

To make sure that the double insulation is not impaired, it must not be pierced by conducting parts such as metal screws. Nor must insulating screws be used, because there is the possibility that they will be lost and will be replaced by metal screws. Any holes in the enclosure of a double Insulated appliance, such as those to allow ventilation, must be so small that fingers cannot reach live parts (IP2X protection). Class II equipment must be installed and fixed so that the double insulation will never be impaired, and so that metalwork of the equipment does not come into contact with the protective system of the main installation. Where the whole of an installation is comprised of Class II equipment, so that there is no protective system installed, the situation must be under proper supervision to make sure that no changes are made which will introduce earthed parts.

Electrician guide to wiring regs
I have seen plenty of them cheap ones ie argos, that I would not care for.

Yes, the ones I saw were from B&Q and about £2.50 each. Manufacturers tend to "stretch out" safety barriers these days to the point where I guess they just about comply. I still think I was right to reject the ones I saw but thanks for the info which will make me a bit more tolerant of the approach provided the materials are reasonably substantial.
No worries!
You did right by rejecting the sub-standard ones.
There should be no compromise for safety, a wise move.
Just a same the manufacturers of this kind of shyte don't see it that way.
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