Best Way To Prepare Bathroom Walls For Tiling

2 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom

I've recently gutted my bathroom which has a shower over bath. The wall on the long edge of the bath is old plasterboard, bit of old adhesive stuck on, a few holes were tiles came off badly, not in good condition.

The wall of the short side of the bath is solid. Quite a bit of a plaster came off when the tiles came off, exposing the render underneath. There's also a smallish section which is plasterboard where a window opening has been made smaller.

The tiles are 400 x 230mm so the walls need to be pretty flat. I'm undecided with the best way to prepare these walls:

- Cut plasterboard wall 100mm from the ceiling (it goes above the ceiling line) and replace with Aquapanel to the stud work after edge of the bath, then 12.5mm plasterboard after? It's 9.5mm plasterboard so patching plaster the top 100mm line?
- Dob, dab and screw aquapanel to the solid wall?
- Have the solid wall skimmed?
- Have the whole bathroom skimmed?
- Leave the solid wall as is (it's probably flat enough)?
- Plasterboard the main wall with standard plasterboard?
- Plasterboard and tank the main wall?

Any advice on how you'd approach this would be much appreciated. :)
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