Better Light Bulbs?

13 Sep 2010
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Wrong side of The Channel
United Kingdom
Maybe my ageing eyes aren't as good as they were, but I've never thought the headlights on my 18 year old Scudo van were that good. Guessing that bulb technology has moved on in the years since vehicle's manufacture, are there better bulbs I can legally fit? Halfrauds do ones that are either 100% or 200% better - are these any good? What are my options?

Also, would be good to have a better output from the reverse lights. Is it advisable to go for LEDs for this? Looks like the reverse bulbs are P21W or 382 size. Halfords want £24 pair for LEDs.
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I'm a fan of Osram Nightbreakers. However, in independent tests, there's not much to choose between them and Philips XTreme. Both are road legal, fully E-marked and interchangeable with the standard bulbs. They give more light, but running hotter, so some people report that they don't last as long as an "ordinary" halogen bulb. They're also expensive, but I can see a visible difference. OK, you're never going to turn it into a 2020s technology full LED matrix, light, but you can make an old halogen headlamp visibly better.
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