Boiler Problems Plz Help!

15 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
Just Wondering could someone help me with my boiler and heating problems.

I have a cosyman 60/95 boiler and a heating system with i think an expansion tank it what they call it.

Something has happened our heating sometimes it doesn't heat at all and sometimes all the radiators upstairs and downstairs heat except 2 downstairs and sometimes no hot water.

The radiators have no bleeding screws and no thermostats upstairs and downstairs just have thermostats on the walls for controlling all the area.

When ever the radiators don't heat sometimes you would see like steam coming from the boiler and the only way i can get them to heat is turn on a valve connected to the expansion tank and build pressure up in it then turn it off after a while but water pours out the top of the boiler then through a relief valve and after the heat goes off i need to do it before the heat comes on again.

This is baffling me someone please help.

To sum it all up i cant get heat unless i build pressure in my expansion tank until it flows out off a relief valve in the boiler and this has to be done everytime to get heat and even at that sometimes i have to cold radiators. The pressure used to stay in the expansion tank now it just keeps going right down again.

Many thanks to Anyone that can help.

Stuart Miskelly
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Nice boiler its made by gerkros

You need to pressure the vessel when COLD to 1 bar and then bleed the rads(you must have bleed point so look a little closer)
then re fire boiler

the steam is because your heating the boiler with no water in it,bit like boiling the kettle with no water not a good idea

if the pressure drops again get a boiler man out to check as you have a leak somewhere or a shot pressure vessel

if you cant get a boiler man go to oftec web site and they will list someone near you ;)

p.s. Re pressure after bleeding rads :LOL:

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