Boiler won't light (Ideal Icos)

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Looks like I may have to bite the bullet and get someone in to sort it out. Trouble with me is I am too tight :oops:
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If you have the gap between the electrode at 3-5mm am the gap between the electrode and burner at 18mm and the fan and the pump are running then it is your could also try checking the resistance ont he electrode and lead but I doubt its faulty if its new.
I would say 99% sure it is pcb related. On the reverse of the pcb should be a number and 2 letters. i.e. 6bc,6dc or 6ec. If it one of these then pcb has failed ignition transformer inside and will need a complete pcb.
Email me and I can send you one at a discount of course.
Most grateful for all your help but this morning I bit the bullet and orderd a PCB, I will let you know :D :D
ChrisR said:
Jeeshus H wossisname. You have gas coming out which you can smell, you don't see a spark. So it would appear pretty clear that the sparky bit is broke. Boilers on the whole don't let gas out until they intend having a go at lighting it. It would be highly irresponsible of course to put a match to the gas, even with a spanner on the gas cock so you could turn it off quick, but that would give an idea if the gas bit was working. Obviously nobody would ever dream of doing such a terrible awful heinous thing.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

shame on you in a big way chris
BDL are you saying that pcb's with those markings are earlier/more unreliable?

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