Bosch trade tool rep contact

24 Oct 2020
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United Kingdom
I have looked online.
I've also phoned the contact us number I found online but it's a foreign call centre. They forward me to the kitchen service centre.
I tried again with the same result.
I've been unable to get in contact with a Bosch power tool rep or department.
Anyone have a contact number for UK please?
I have an email address for Bosch rep I got from trade show but that bounces back.
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They used to be in Sough but there doesn't appear to be a number to contact now.
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I've given up on Bosch. Found alternative supplier.
I don't think the Bosch telephone switchboard has the information and they just direct you to repair centres. The repair centre gets many calls asking for advice but could not help.
Maybe if anyone knows they can put information here. I'm going to another trade show later this year so I'll update here if I can find the contract details.