Buying a tyre

20 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Jeez us wept how difficult can it be

Turn up at a national tyre company with a wheel

Want a new tyre put on it

They don’t have the size in stock but can get it for Monday

Ok no worries

Than we get the paper work

Name address email mobile number reg number land line number make of van

Jeez us I came in for a tyre not asking for credit

Tis a wonder I was not asked to drop my trousers for a medical examination
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Mr A N Other @ Hotmail gets all my mail from companies such as this.
Mobile number sir, I havent got one!
Home phone sir, disconnected!
They soon get the message.
"It's for the warranty, sir"

A fellah called Justin case gets an awful lot of spam.
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Simplistic things seem to get over complicated

Go into tool station for paint brush and they want to know who you are
Where you live ect
Dunelm mill ”would you like your receipt by email”, no thanks I’ll have it printed :)
Went to a tyre place last year to have 2 tyres replaced...

Tyre place used used an Impact wrench to remove the wheel bolts.
Tyres replaced - we have to put the new tyres on the rear wheels sir... Why? It's a front wheel drive car, Insurance policy, sir! Oh and by the way one of the locking bolts is damaged and needs replacing. We can supply your with a new set at £x; but we have to order in. Not impressed but accepted the offer.
After paying and also having to give Name, Address, Post code*, 'phone Number, car reg number (thankfully), card details left tyre place. Oh, and they wanted my driving license number - couldn't give them that as I don't carry it with me.

Half way home was pulled in by VOSA/Police for a spot check - nearly issued with a fine as I now find out that the tyre place had removed all the locking wheel bolts so I'm driving a car with improperly secured wheels. VOSA/Police wouldn't let me continue the journey after inspecting the receipt for the tyres, without that receipt I was told I would have been fined. Had to walk back to the tyre place to find they had chucked the wheel bolts in the rubbish bin. had to go through the rubbish to find the bolts and key, walk back to the car and refit the bolts. Inspectors also made comment about having the better tyres on the front wheels...

*using a system that could only accept USA style addresses and I live in a village so they have difficulty with post town.
I haven't got a computer, so I don't have email.
When I get asked for things like email address I just reply, "At my age? I can barely work the TV remote."
If they ask in supermarkets for my post code I always ask why. Usual answer is, "it's for research to find out how far people have travelled to visit the store." I give my ex-in-laws one back in Liverpool.
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