Can piers be tied rather than built into walls?

12 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I have a lean to store room of 3m x 10m by about 2m height.

I want to install a garage size door on the 3m wall. It will probably need piers. Can piers be built on their ow and simply TIED into the walls using those metal wall ties?

Thank You.
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You could use WallStarter kits to tie them in.
But why would you need piers?
Are you cutting back brickwork to open the front up - if so, then cut back to leave two brick nibs to act as piers.
You could open the front completely, and set posts instead of piers?
I would not trust nibs....I assume they are timy bits of wall left to carry the door?

I honestly thought that I needed these piers to stabilise everything and carry the ends of the roller shutter which is bound to be heavy? The walls are all single skin brick.

At the moment, this part of the wall is attached to the main house wall on the right (no ties can be seen and the room wall has a 15-20mm gap at the joint suggesting there is no ties whatsoever). The left side of the wall turns to form the 10m side of the room....and there is no sign of any piers anywhere. I thought there MUST be piers to add stability?

Hope this sheds some light?
You could build piers on their own, but dig some deep foundations for them and insert a steel bar into the concrete to set in hard, then build pier around this bar and the bar must be at least 5/8" diameter (16 - 18mm dia) or bigger for strength, and when you brick around it with mortar, make sure the bar extends taller than the pier, have it threaded with M16 or M18 threads and use appropriate size nut and washer, and place a flat steel plate like a big washer, and screw on a nut tightly, this will hold pier firmly and stop it from crumbling, as well as using metal ties tie it to your single brick wall using screws etc. after you have bolted the nut on top, you can place the last course of brick to finish off the pier flush, so no nut is exposed or visible. i made a pillar for a garden wall on its own just one and half brick wide, and hanged a gate and used steel bar set in concrete, this gate pillar 4 foot tall has not crumbled or fallen due to a high tension holding it down from the center.

On its own without a reinforced steel bar in the middle and it is definitely a no no, and you may build it next to your single brick wall tie into wall that should give you fairly good strength but only for a light duty door, for a roller shutter door use concrete foundations, approx 700mm to 1 meter deep by 400x400 with steel bar, it should provide enough strength to fix a roller shutter door on top without fear of it collapsing, as well as tying it into the side walls..
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You can use steel ties to tie the piers, but not the wall starters, which are designed for a different purpose and will allow movement. Use fish tails screwed, or helical drilled and glued into joints. Every 300mm for either.
Thank you for that. I think it would be all together less destructive to use steel ties as Woody describes. It's not a point of being lazy but I'd trust myself with doing this properly.

These wall ties that you mention, any chance of a reference link? I am aware of the stainless wall starter kits but not the ones you describe....
Ta Chris, they look quite easy to use. I will have a look around for stainless versions and decent plugs.

I fine ebay the cheapest for wall starters even with p&p.
They normally included all fixings, plugs and coach screws.
Thanks, I dont have a clue about these things so I will probably cough up a premium to get the very best from a decent builders merchants.....I know that sounds a bit dumbass but I dont think I should be experimenting with stuff I know nothing about!

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