cant find my post about watch ?

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It was running too fast and is now crossed into the next thread. Where did you get that ugly watch photo from? get a proper Swiss watch with proper style! :LOL:
hello mod11

sorry if i broke any rules .

I didn't post link or advert only a pic of a watch which may help someone with a very recent visual impairment see what day/date is it again, as current wrist watch is unreadable with glasses.

It was one of two that came up on an extensive internet search. I have tried to offer support to this person before by gifting a mobile phone but some people just don't get along with them.

A wrist watch does not need daily/weekly charges, can not be forgotten as its on your wrist and also tells the time!

Maybe i need to look at the problem in another way.

Thankyou to all those who posted helpful/ humorous replies all appreciated.

Sorry again if i broke any rules.

Seasonal greetings to all and a happy new year.
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