car insurance legal loophole?

16 Feb 2007
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
My van failed its MOT and the old one runs out on sunday.
this means that my insurance is no longer valid for it after sunday, but I'm in the process of buying a new car / van.
as I'm covered to drive any vehicle 3rd party on my insurance as long as I don't own it, does that cover me to bring my new car / van back home as I'm not technically it's owner untill I send in the registration documents.

could I transfer my insurance over to the new car / van over the phone while I'm there?
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If you already know the registration and make of the new car/van ring your insurance company up and tell them that on what ever date and time you are picking the new car/van up you want the cover to start then you are covered.
I'm not technically it's owner untill I send in the registration documents.
You will become the owner as soon as you sign the part you keep on the registration doc which the garage/ seller will provide.
do vans qualify for scrappage? (i know the scheme is nearly finished)
i was lucky enough to get 2k for a car on one of our locals last remaining quota
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yeah sure the insurance wouldn't twig that one would they...
failed it's MOT and mysteriously gets wrapped round a lampost / bursts into flames a day or so later.... :rolleyes:

mind you, that mechanic can be a bit careless with the welder... :evil:

I wonder where they'd stand on that...

" I was repairing it for the MOT and inexplicably the welder got too close to a fuel line.... ".... :)
did it fail on the computerised system or the sharp intake of breath system?
he put his finger through both cills, as well as picking chunks of rust off the rear chasis... along with a ruck of other small tings like the brake pipes..
it can be repaired, but at £500 it's not really economical as you'll be chasing the rust from now on..

it would be ideal for someone who can weld and do their own repairs, so I might see if the garage whats to buy it for spares or repair..
damn! if it had been a big van i would have filled it, taken it to France and scrapped it there, but a small van won't take 2x three piece suites + wife and dog.
don't think the missus would be too impressed going all that way on the roof rack!!
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