Worst insurance quote?

I was quoted £4000 when I was 25 for a 911 turbo. I never bought the car though.

Now I'm older and the premium would be about £1200, but I have kids now so can't afford the car!!


I'm 35 with 5 points, one short ban and pay £735 fully comp on my 911 turbo with Direct Line Can't u persuade the wife? :cool:

Do you live in the posh part of Birmingham? I was paying that on a Civic Type R at 26/27 with full no claims, no points protected NCB. I am in Streetly, and was paying less than that living in Rugeley though.

I live in Sutton so not far. I get multi car discount as the works vans are on there too. Once you hit 30 the premiums drop overnight. :eek:
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I never noticed mine drop, and I'm 31 now. However, I do now have 3 points and a fault claim about to go against me.
Just been on a comparison website as mine is due in feb..cheapest £336 then the price list went up some providing leagal insurance,courtsey car ect ect...but wait for it worst quote was £18, 489 from some company I have never heard of FFS how do they do business in a competative market?? and I am only driving a vectra and dont live in the middle of Manchester or London but where did they get that from??
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This is the company if you want a competative quote :D :D :D :D

Insurer:Markerstudy Total Excess: £250.00

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