Car accident involving bicycle



Out riding my bike and hit by car coming from the opposite direction.Car did a turn, up a side street across the front of me and has left me with serious chest injuries as i was thrown off over the car bonnet.As i was seriously injured and was unable to get any 3rd party details as i was being carted off in pain in an ambulance. After getting home i contacted the police who now tell me that they can't give me any details of the other party due to the Data Protection Act which forbids them telling me anything thats on their computer.I am quite satisfied with the insurance details but its like drawing teeth trying to get anywhere..The car driver has been charged with the offence and will shortly appear in court.
What are my rights as i naturally intend to claim the 3rd parties insurers for damages to my bike,injuries inflicted on myself and loss of earnings as i'm self employed
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This is a building forum. Employ a solicitor.
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I am a self employed builder and this is a general discussion forum
And that's why we don't know any more about it than you do. :rolleyes:

Have you contacted an ambulance chaser?
You'll have to excuse Joe-90. He's been very grumpy since Labour lost the election. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Seriously, If you have the drivers insurance details, then just deal with the insurance company. They will know that he's been charged over the accident. If you have any witnesses or can trace any, that will help strengthen your case. Surely you have the car registration number?
Insurance companies always seem to try and wriggle out of paying for personal injuries.
Maybe worth contacting one of these " Where there's blame , there's a claim companies No win No Fee etc etc. "You will get 100% of any injury claims awarded to you"
Injury Lawyers for You etc
Sorry about your injuries. I know what it feels like. However, I was insured and it cost the careless driver a right packet.

Pre-paid Cycle insurance can help but I would use a no-win-no-fee next because after writing a statement about the incident it was rewritten by an F grade english office temp who some how lost the gist of what happened.

Do not expect a quick fix. It will take over a year to sort out.

If the insurance people ask if you are alright now. Answer with "I don't know I am not a Doctor".

Some people tend to get upset when a cyclists/bicyclists talk on this forum but they are all in favour of other road users really, because many of them have relatives/friends who cycle and wouldn't never want them to get hurt.
So the previous posts have suggested the OP contacts some no-win-no-fee solicitors, that's fantastic, I bet the OP never thought to do that! The General Discussion section on a DIY Forum is clearly proving to be an excellent source of further information! :rolleyes: :LOL:
IMO, just contact a PROPER solicitor, you usually get a first consultation free anyway, AND if they think you have a good case (which, IMO yours would be) then they are also not going to take your cash, the costs are taken from the other side.

having dealt with these no-win companies, they usually either a; take on only dead cert cases, or b; get you to take out some sort of insurance against loosing, or sometimes both.

I am going through something similar myself, although its an insurance company appointed solicitor, the insurance company have no-more to do with it once its been passed on.

as for time, who knows, most proceedings don't even take place until you are healed, I had a motorcycle accident 2 years ago, the other party decided last summer to take it to court rather than settle out of court, it can take up to a year to get a court date, mine was pushed back further after a re-lapse of my knee injury, 6months on, and still waiting, nothing else will happen until my physio signs me off.

get some advice, but be aware this will take time, and possibly lots of it...
read up on your house hold insurance,some sometimes have personal built into them.but you should be able to seek advice through them?
My lad (22) was biking down the white line down a hill here and a car did a Right hand U turn in front of him, he had no chance to stop, went over the bonnet and landed 30 feet away. Broke his arm, collar bone and wiped out the bike. He employed an ambulance chaser, 14 months later were still at it. They send you form after form, asking for the same info time and time again,. I think the strategy is they try and wear you down and hope you get fed up and go away, but you have to stick in there, fill in the forms, and just bare face them out. He likely to win about £6k, which, considering he was off work 3 months, destroyed an £800 bike and had to have two painful ops we consider fair.
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