Caravan Consumer unit - Have i wired correctly?

11 Nov 2014
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United Kingdom

I am looking to add 240v mains to my caravan. Currently it has no power. I looked at buying a kit but got such a good deal on a second hand unit on ebay i thought i'd wire up myself. Only thing is i have no instructions. It has a 25A RCD and 2 twin pole MCBS (10A and 6A). Please could someone advise if my diagram for wiring it up looks correct/point me in right direction.

Thank you

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It would appear so, yes.

NB your cabling must be 16a or above i.e. 2.5mm


a second hand unit on ebay
Do you have the means to test the RCD section? If it is a second hand unit it may have been replaced after it had failed to trip out when a fault occurred.

Worse it could be a dangerous counterfeit unit where there is no earth leakage sensor and the test button simple releases the switch to OFF

That said the way you have wired it would appear to be correct.
Also IIRC T&E is not reccommended for caravan use. My advice would be to use 2.5mm flex.
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Presume there is no lighting then? Or that which there is is 12vdc? Battery charger?

Hi. Thanks all.

I have a test switch I can use should it fail to trip I will replace the rcd with a new one. I only paid £5 for it all. I plan to use power cable from a spare electric hookup cable we use for camping. I know then it is rated for sure to cover 16a. (I am only using 10a).

I will purchase earthing from diy store.

Lighting is going to be supplied by 12v battery charged by solar panel.

Sounds as if you're sorted and for a £5.00 ! you could pay 10x that to get you're cooker hood switched on………….. long story !


Mrs Secure's folks have a 90's-built static factory-wired in T&E.....
Mrs Secure's folks have a 90's-built static factory-wired in T&E....

That one word shows the difference - static

I'm surprised there has been no reference to the relevant part of BS7671 that covers caravans that specifies flex for the wiring in touring caravans.

With the two MCB CU the 6A one often covers the fridge, lighting and the water heater (usually 900W). The 10A one covering the sockets, battery charger/12V power supply and if fitted any electrical heating
He's going to by earth cable from a DIY store.


Stop winding people up !
If you plan to plug it in at home, what type of earthing does your supply have? TN-C-S is not allowed for caravans.
TN-C-S is not allowed for a caravan site it says nothing about not allowed for caravans. As with electric car charging points commercial is different from domestic.

I see nothing wrong with the diagram.

I do like the idea of buying some earth from a DIY shop that was an A1 answer.

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