Cashless society ( pros and cons)

which has been pointed out several times . You seem to be struggling with the definition of the word more and how much easier it is to get in debt now
And you still haven't given any evidence that is is more. Maybe the greater visibility means it is less now.
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and what bit of its far easier these days for people to get into debt by spending money they havent got because of the increased use of cards and contactless are you struggling with ?

It has always been easy to get into debt, whether paying in borrowed cash, or paying with credit on a credit card. Cards simply make it much easier to keep track of where your money has gone. I can back track to almost every penny I have spent for the past decade - I could never have done that with cash.
Some people will always get into debt.

Yes that is a sad fact. But today it is far too easy to get into debt, buy now pay later Pay as long as three years after taking delivery. After 3 years that debt will have faced from the buyer's memory.

I recall from the 1960s when obtaining a "Hire Purchase" agreement often required the buyer to prove they could afford the monthly/weekly installments.
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Yes they do and it sounds innocent enough, but the same idea can be used to limit the spender in other, more sinister ways. Your spending can be time-limited, stopping you going out at night for instance, and it can be location-restricted, keeping you inside your own district - both methods useful for lockdown zealots!

The pushing of the cashless economy and the gormless acceptance of it by the British public is another step towards the communism that our governments want for us. You have all accepted the loss of our freedom of association and freedom to travel in the past 18 months, the giving away of our industries to China, the eradication of our religion, the country being overrun with foreigners, the dumbing down of our education system and the vilification of our history. All these were done on pretexts of being beneficial to us, just as cashless is being sold to us now.

You all voted for this stuff!

I don't think anyone voted to have Covid 19 imported into the UK
Millions of people voted to have a proven incompetent narcissist liar as PM, so its not unreasonable to say that they voted for a government which would be incapable of imposing effective controls to limit the amount imported.
If people go overdrawn or have money taken out of their account because of a lost/stolen credit or debit card, the bank will reimburse them.
Listen to/watch/read any consumer affairs/money advice radio programme or TV programme or newspaper column and you will learn, over and over again, that that is very much not necessarily so.

The attitude that "phones are secure" is going to exacerbate this problem. Given the "security by obscurity" position of many software companies, if their payment app has a vulnerability which is known to people who would exploit it for gain it is quite possible that they will keep quiet about it, either until they have a fix, or forever. In that situation it will be even harder for victims to get their bank to agree that they were robbed, because "phones are secure".
I'll be the last person using cash
Surely there must be at least one other for a cash transaction to work……:whistle:
More than that.

Imagine there was only one other. Lets call him Andy. R&C buys something from Andy, be it goods or services, and pays with "cash". What is Andy going to do with it if R&C is the only other person who will take it in payment for goods or services?

Adding a 3rd person (lets call him Johnny) wouldnt help, as youd still have a closed loop of Andy, Johnny, and R&C passing these tokens around acting as a type of barter transaction recording system.

It wouldnt be anything like "cash" as we know it. An economist could no doubt tell you what the critical mass of users needs to be for it to become what we recognise as "cash" today, but it must be quite a lot.

I really wish there was a searchable archive of the B.C. Cartoon Strip, as there was once a great, and relevant one.

Their unit of currency was the clam.

Peter had a seafood stall, and B.C. walked up to it.

B.C. : How much is a dozen clams?
Peter: Thirteen.
B.C. : Whats the difference between your clams and mine?
Peter: One clam.
no, its conspiracist bunkum

Andy is a raving alt right nutter
Lets see - he may have reasonable explanations for his claims, and reliable evidence to back them up.

How long should we give him to present them, and should we treat any failure to do so as confirmation of your judgement?
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