Ceramic Tiles

31 Aug 2015
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United Kingdom
I have approx. 72sqm of 615x205x8mm ceramic tiles for hall, study, kitchen/dining, bathroom and lounge.

I'm doing some research on the best way to lay them and how to prepare the floor for them.

The floor is all screed. Some laid about 2 weeks ago and some ancient.
We will of course allow the new stuff to fully dry out. in some places it was 30+mm so itll take a while.

Once it has dried out can we lay directly onto the screed?
The biggest room (south facing) is the kitchen / dining at 6m x 3.5.

I don't think we'll need an expansion gap down the middle (will have round the edges under the skirting)

But do I need to go for a decoupling layer of board or matting?

The concern is that the floor (both the tile and the screed) will expand and contract. I dont want any cracks appearing.

Cheers in advance.
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