changing a flourescent light to a standard rose

6 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom

i want to change an old flourescent light in the kitchen for a standard light fitting L-N-E.
Thing is i amconfused by the existing wiring.
There are two incoming cables a 4 core and 3 core, i am fine with the 3 core red (live) black (neutral) and the earth. The 4 core however makes little sense. there is a red a yellow a blue and an earth?????

any help appreciated
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And how were these connected to the old fitting?

Replicate those connections in the new one.
there a 4 conns on the flourescent light and only 3 on the new light???? :confused:
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thompy said:
there a 4 conns on the flourescent light and only 3 on the new light???? :confused:

Perhaps one of those designed properly for use as a direct replacement for a ceiling rose.

Live Loop ( free terminal not connected to the lamp
LiveSwitched ( live to the lamp )
Neutral ( neutral to the lamp )
Unless you are a qualified electrician, never remove an existing fitting without the new one to compare connections with....... :rolleyes:
thompy said:
pics attached[/QUOTE]

form left to right is loop, live, earth and neutral.

In the rose, you will find those terminals and in the current connector block that is the order they are in. So for example all the reds in the left block will go into the loop terminals in the rose. In the block, they are all stuffed into one terminal, but in the rose, there are indivudual terminals. Hope you know what I mean.
no i dont, is the honest answer.

i did the other light in the kitchen, but that was a straight swap with 3 core.

the 4 core has confused me, as the new light only offers a LN&E block and the way i see it, there is a wire spare
I thought you said you had a ceiling rose. You will have to use one of the pieces of connector strip in the fluorescent tube to connect up the loop wires
perhaps, i am getting terminoligy wrong, i basically have a new 3 spot light to replace the flouro light.

the new light has a 3 way t block that requires LN&E only. The fact that the flouro light wiring is not a straight swap, and has more wires tan red black and earth has left me stumped.
hi Take the reds and put them in a seperate connect block, the yellow is your live colour it red with tape or sleving, the blue is your neutral
ah, i think i get it...... the 2 reds go into a connector seperate to the new light kind of alone if you like.

the yellow goes to live in the new light t block, blue goes to neutral in the new t block and earth to earth???
thats it, also the black goes in the neutral connect block as well. I said to sleeve the yellow red. On second thoughts ( its late and I have been drinking) Sleeve the reds and yellow brown and the black blue to make all cables correct in colour for the new cable colours

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