Circular Saw Blade Rotation Direction

26 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
OK, it's a stupid question, but all I know is that I know nothing...

I am about to purchase the Bosch GKS 190 circular saw for a couple of serious DIY projects. I have owned a cheap Bosch model before. When I look at the photo of the saw, in particular the blade, er, the blade teeth seem to be pointing in a way that suggests the saw will rotate anti-clockwise when looking at the face and hence the blade will be cutting ‘upwards’ when in contact with the material. I thought these blades always rotated such that they cut downwards, i.e so that the waste material flies down, away from the operator and also produces a cleaner cut on the uppermost surface. I'm sure my previous model did.

Of course I realise that Bosch probably know what they’re doing :) , I just can’t figure out why.
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All the ones i have ever used have cut towards the baseplate on the leading edge of the blade....

So just as that Bosch is setup.
if it cut downwards at the front, the first time it hit a hard bit it would kick the saw up and out of the workpiece..
it's supposed to go that way so that if it catches it pulls the saw down harder onto the workpiece..
all saw will always pull the work onto the base plate/table/fence

a table saw will always cut forward and onto the table

a mitre saw will always pull onto the back fence

a jigsaw will always pull the material onto the base[unless you use a downcut blade]

a circular saw will always cut forward and up onto the base
if not the blade would climb and take off like a jet rocket simmilar to trying to go the wrong direction with a router cutter except 10 times worse :rolleyes:

there should always be force onto a table or fence otherwise the cutting energy will propel the work dangerously like a missile when you loosen your grip
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OK, I see. It's all to do with preventing kick-back. Thanks guys. When it arrives, the first thing I'll make is a 'stupid chair' which I will sit on for the rest of the day :D

Thanks for your help.

perfectly sensible question :D
once its explaind why things happen its easier to understand thats why i explain rather than just "disagree" :LOL: ;)
Thats why you will be advised to cut anything with a circ saw to have the good face on the bottom, that way any breakout will be on the back face


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