Cladding at Door Architrave

9 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, i'm going to clad the bottom 3ft of living room with 8mm cladding,thinnest battens i've found are 12mm,skirting is 19mm,which makes total thickness 39mm.
Problem is, door architrave is 20mm, so any ideas ow to get round this ? all i can thick of is put a 19mill piece behind the architrave but i'm not sure that would look right, any suggestions ??.
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are you talking sheet or planks??
assuming planks
then look for 9mm txg"V"groove cladding+12mm will give you 21mm
or sheet material no nails/sticks like poo onto the wall
Hi big-all,
Yes it's the 8mm t+g v groove plank stuff from Wickes,adhesive was my first thought but plaster is bad/blown on bottom of wall so thought battens would be more secure, also it says on the pack "do not use adhesive" only pins ?

If i just had the cladding and 12mm batten that would be ok and near enough inline with Architrave,but the skirting will stand proud of door architrave by 19mm.
have a plinth block slightly bigger than the largest measurement
so if your skirting is 95mm tall the block will be say 100-106mm

if the architrave is say 69mm wide and set back say 6mm from the edge go for 4mm each side so 77mm wide
and if you finnished skirting is say 36 make the block 39-43 deep
you then remove the bottom part off the architrave and replace with the block
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the architrave will look better if it is taken off and remounted on top of the cladding. You will need woodstrip under it to give a neat edge when viewed from the doorway.
another point if you use a block you may need to chamfer the block on the hinge side if it stops the door opening to much [around 110 degrees]
Thank's for the replies, like the block idea :D ,i have already removed architrave because it was painted and i wanted new to stain so it matches cladding.......when it's on the wall.
I think i know what you mean big all, seen some in diy places, square with a circle design on, but they're only about 20 mm thick.
Would a plain block look daft ? does it matter that the depth from the front of block to skirting will be less than block to architrave ?.
the block can be a rectangle bigger than all it surrounds
it can also be shaped and stepped in a fashion that looks right
you can also chamfer small steps with small chamfers large steps with large champers whatever looks right but always aim for a step between chamfer and skirting/architrave to allow for movement and shrinkage
Thank's for that big-all, i'll give it a go.
one last thing if you could advise, was thinking of fixing a dado rail along top, i assume this nails on to top batten on face of cladding, so does this mean i need a thin strip to cover the top of the batten behind dado ?
QUOTE djb7I think i know what you mean big all, seen some in diy places, square with a circle design on, but they're only about 20 mm thick

that sound s like a medalion block that goes at the top of the architrave instead of a mitre(georgian style)

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