Coffee. How do you take yours?

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
As per the title. I have several implements in my kitchen. My main one as I'm lazy is a pod machine but now and then I use either my cafetière or my stovetop percolator (which I've just used which led to this post). Both provide just the one cup. Mrs Mottie is not a great coffee drinker - if she is having one it will always be a powdered cappuccino! I'm not a coffee snob but since using the others, I've gone right off of instant and don't talk to me about decaffeinated - I just can't see the point. If I'm using my cafetière or percolator, I use ground coffee but I might think of getting grinder and some beans and grinding my own blend. Occasionally to mix it up a bit I might have a cube of brown sugar or a splash of Caramel flavouring. I'd really love to get a bean to cup machine but they are either too expensive, too big or too much faffing about.

My coffee 'stable'.

4B73983F-821B-4E8C-92BD-1E2D393C48FB.jpeg E6B3E5C4-5376-4A07-BBDE-A01BA4AC60B3.jpeg E8D0B9F8-8B76-4AE7-BC28-01BA0C2C72D6.jpeg 8C3C844A-4DC0-41DC-A274-4869DDA5AB3D.jpeg 7929823F-B3CE-477A-83FB-7BA2E727D114.jpeg

Mrs Motties. :rolleyes:


What's yours?
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Nowt. Don't drink the stuff! Or tea!

The only things I tend to drink are water, juice, peppermint tea and an occasional hot choc.
I very seldom use the machine.
I prefer the cafetiere.
Sometimes I buy beans and sometimes I buy it ready ground
I also have a couple Bialettis like Mottie's, which I never use.
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One double press from the grinder, pack it down. Press the double shot button twice to get half a cup. And fine froth the milk with the steam.
This is my setup. I love my coffee ☕️ and get rather upset if I go Starbucks and get a shíte flat white.
Too much bowllocks and faffing around these days with coffee - poss to justify the ridiculous prices. Costalot stuff with caramel or other gunk in it. Blech! And why is the world and his wife wandering around the streets drinking it? Can't they sit down for 5 mins?

When you used to go to somewhere like a restaurant, you asked for a coffee and they brought you a large glass jug of Cona coffee and poured it in your cup. Now there's a seperate menu just for the coffees. A good filter coffee does the job very well.
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