Are you doing anything to conserve water?

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I don't get it. My two are both syphon flushes and dual flushes. The dual flush simply allows the operator of the flush a choice of a full or part flush.
I was wondering that. How is 4 litres of syphoned water more efficient than 2 litres of water delivered through a valve?
A valve based dual flush will eventually leak, and initially, you probably won't even know its happening. Such a system could lose about 50L per day and most people won't even notice. A syphon flush cannot do this.
I should add that we have a dual flush syphon flush (turbo 88), which works well.

My two can be relied upon to do the full flush, but they do sometimes ignore the short flush procedure and do an unintended full flush.

So it is obvious how to run a short flush, I fitted Dymo labels next to the flush handle.
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