how many of these do you remember?

I remember them all too, the one concerning the dip switch on the floor, brings a particular tale to mind.

This type of switch had a pretty powerful spring under the cap, the cap was retained by a central rivet.
One driver it was reported, had an accident when the central rivet gave way, (due to wear) and powerful spring launched the cap which hit the driver in the eye, causing him to swerve into a ditch.

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What about;
Fruit salad.
Black jacks.
Frozen jubbly.
Wagon wheels.
Davy crocket hats.
Snake hook belts.
proper spam sandwiches.
I always wanted a pair of Clarke's Pathfinder shoes with the animal track tread - but I never got any.
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Just to add to the list (remember all so far)

Out with the 12 bore for Pidgeons for dinner.

Dog & Ferrets for rabbiting.

Grandad shooting sparrers with an air rifle to feed the ferrets.

Granma chopping off the cockerels head and it running headless round the yard.

THe butcher comes to kill the pig, us kids use the pigs bladder for a football, the salting troughs in the shed, and the pig hanging in the kitchen draining. That was proper bacon.

And no animal rights fanatics to stop us.
Cowboys and indians

japs and cammandoes

making bogeys from old prams

making bikes from bits you found

crossbows and your mums wooden pegs as bolts

bows and arrows


kids that would go round the doors asking for empty ginger (pop) bottles to get the deposit back.

plastic shoes from woolies that the trampy kids wore and became a fashion item years later.

Black sandshoes(plimsoles) with the hope of getting the dearer white tennis shoe in the days before trainers.

football boots with nailed on studs
Only remember 14 never had a phone nor a juke box in me mums coffee house we had a free standing copper to heat the water for mum to wash the clothes moved on to a twin tub later on.She rung the cloths out with a mangle thats not been mentioned has it?
Leather Footballs and Rugby balls with bladders and laces.
Tuff shoes for Tough boys.
3 speed Sturmey Archer gears.
Kia Ora orange squash.
Brown Paper bags.
The toy in packets of cereal.
The Marshal Ward Christmas catalog (pure torture).
The warm bag of peanuts,broken biscuits,out of Woolies.
Smiths crisps with a little blue bag of salt out of a tin.
Bottle of milk for break at school.
Plastic Hats for old Girls.
The greengrocer shoveling the spuds straight off the scale into your mums bag.
Black sandshoes(plimsoles) with the hope of getting the dearer white tennis shoe in the days before trainers.

I had a pair of 'Red Flash' once.

Does anyone remember public phones with 'Press button A and B'?
We used to play with an old coach built pram frame, with a board of wood on it. Great for going downhills at a terrifying speed,,, In winter we turned it upside down and used it as a sledge.
Leather footballs, yep great unless someone blasted it at you from close range. If you ever tried to head the ball, you had concussion for a fortnight.
Mars Bars cost sixpence (in old money,, 2 1/2p today)
I can remember when they brought out Smokey Bacon flavoured crisps.
Wagon Wheels were a meal in their own right (must have been triple the size they are now)
I can remember my gran making jam every summertime in a solid copper jam kettle. My dad had an Armstrong Siddley motor car, then swapped it for a Dormobile van , before getting a Commer van..
Great days indeed :)
Slightly off topic or is it? 1001 cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown.Scrubbing a old mat with a scrubbing brush,but before that hanging it on the washing line and smashing hell out of it,oh! happy days :LOL:
saturday morning pictures --(great album btw) been mentioned?
13 for me, What about the old gas pokers for fire lighting,great big [or so it seemed] open/shut valve on the hearth, bit of flexi and a flamethrower on the end of it.Imagine Health and Safety on that set up nowadays :eek:
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