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mainly because round here, the over 80's only do dangerous sex... but what was my wife doing with the over 80's? must be down to her libido --
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-- I think that's what she calls the thing she bought from - where was it again? Summerfields? If you ask me, it looks more like a --
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You didn't read the OP's rules properly, (or maybe you did and decided to ignore them ;) )

Take the first part of the sentence and complete that sentence using your own imagination. (it is allowed in the rules to use someone else's imagination and you'll get extra marks for that.)

Additional respect will be earned for particular witty, topical or creative constructions.

When you have completed the first part, create a new part sentence, which does not have to be connected or relevant to the previous one.Leave this part sentence unfinished so that another contributor can complete it.
Extra respect will be earned if the sentence is particularly difficult to complete in a meaningful way.

The winner is the one who fails to reach their boredom threshold last.

Henceforth, Monster Mash will have to be made from mashed up politicians, spiced with a little mermaid. ;)

The reason for this post is.....

BTW was space cat the winner so far???
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