Concealed toilet cistern leak

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Did you flush the toilet just before making the video ? If you did not ,you need to establish how water is getting to that flush pipe , its a sign that there is something amiss inside cistern. Either water level is too high ,and running into internal overflow ,or the flush valve is not sealing. Just to add to your grief with the leaking joint.
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Thank you for your message.

I filled the cistern a little and the leak starts. I didn't flush the toilet.
Is it my wonky eyes or is the flexipipe cross-threaded?
Oh dear . as stated ,the flush pipe should have no water in it unless flush is operated. The fact that water is running thru whilst cistern is only filling ,is indicative of a problem with the flush valve .
Thank you for your reply.

Would that mean renewing the flush pipe and once fitted ensuring all pipework beneath is water tight?
The flush valve would need examining ,maybe a new seal ,or more likely a new valve. I would also fit a new flush pipe .To be honest I would strip out the whole cistern and all its internal parts and renew the lot ,its a clusterfuk !
TP, thank you for your reply.

I would strip it out but that means taking apart the tiled false wall which means a rebuild and also refixing of wc and sink. At present there's a part of the false wall at the top which is a horizontal timber batten which has the effect of making the top gap too narrow to get the cistern out in one piece, or a new one in.

The cistern is 14 years old so replacement would be due, but hoping to find less costly repair method for now.
If you can live with a Dribble of water permanently escaping from the cistern down the pipe and into the pan ,then just make the joint that is leaking watertight as discussed earlier. That will stop the escape / leak of water. But it won't stop the cistern permanently taking in water . I understand your dillema regarding access / tiling etc but there will come a must time ,when you will have to bite the bullet I am afraid.

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