Corgi registration inspection

8 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
I've got a Corgi inspector coming this Thursday for my registration.
Its already been paid for about a month ago.
I got CCN1, CEN1, WAT1, HTR1, CKR1 and CPA1.
I hear he will mainly ask the fundamental safety related aspects of CCN1 (ventilation, flueing, gas rating, etc), but what extent will he ask about the other elements. Will he go into a lot of detail or mainly stick with CCN1.

Any advice appreciated.
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It will all depend how well you answer the basic core questions how deep he will go in the other catagories or how much of a jobsworth you get.
Try and answer without stuttering or stumbling over the answer as they should just flow out which will give him confidence in your ability and stop him askng too much.
Make sure everything about soundness test and drops allowed,time taken etc comes straight out he will even ask about 1mbar dop on pipework to appliance. vent sizes whether gross or net and calc , spillage test procedure and bomb test
Needs to know that you are aware ventilation fro flueless appliances (cooker) goes by room volume not appliance Kw rating.
Stabilisation, tightness, let-by.
Waste ten minutes explaining why you want to do it that way round (it's fine, probably better).
Then tell him no drops on any pipework, existing or otherwise, and that it's 4.5 for U6 + existing apps, etc etc.

Then ask him about Capita.
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Cheers for that guys.

Also - does he question me as a series of on the spot questions, or are they built up to be in a scenario.

Ive been told that they may or may not request to see a practical, i.e me working on my own boiler. Is this common on initial registration, or is it usually once you are working in in the field and have your regular inspections.

Remember that if you get any questions wrong, he will beat you around the head with a Shi££y stick.
Im already corgi registered thru my work, thinking of getting my own so as all my own installs,repairs are legit.....has anyone ever done this, does the tax man then have a close eye on you?
as long as your confident and have the basics to memory, anything your not 100% sure of dont be afraid to say you'd have to check your paperwork. no one is expected to remember everything and he will view this favourably. offer him LOTS of tea and be prepared to perform gas rates, tightness test etc etc. never been asked to pull an appliance apart for no reason though?
An update guys.

Im on board.

Right - supposed to be here 9.30, and he rang bang on to say stuck in traffic. Broke any nerves when i heard his voice - sounded like a nice chap. Got here 10am and before he said a word, said he needed a pee since he's been stuck in taffic and only moved last 3 miles in and hour.

Asked a lot of questions about my history / experience. Questioned my supervising Corgi guy who over saw my portfolio.

Now - my assesment centre still had my original portfolio with each job sheet signed off, and had to hold it indefinately ( for auditing purposes) so as i had done it all on computer, had a copy made out to show the inspector, but these where not signed. He was then quite critical and i thought within the first half hour it was a waste of time cos he was gonna say no. He then wanted to ring the guy who oversaw me, so i promptly dialled his number and he spoke to him to confirm he DID supervise over my portfolio. He then wanted to ring the assessment centre up to confirm why my i didn't have my original portfolio and that they did in fact have my original with signed job sheets. I actually thought the inspector thought i had made all my portfolio, training and ACS assesment up!

Anyway, he spoke to my Corgi guy and assessment guy, and was put at rest.

Thereafter he was back to being a nice guy and started to question me.

As you guys said - they definately ask BASIC questions and nothing probing. I actually wanted him to ask me something more strenuous and as a result expanded all the answers to show him that i knew the overall picture rather than just what he was asking.

I actually got the picture i knew more than him.

First question - tighness test. So instead of tightness, i explained let-by first and what to do if let-by failed, etc etc.

Gas rating on G4 meter. So i then said how to also do on U6

He then looked at the fire in my lounge (R/sealed LFE). Asked how i'd do a spillage test. I had to tell him first its r/sealed by which time he said oh ok then. Then i said if it was open flue, then i'd do visual of flue, check ventilation req, then flue flow and only then would i do spillage. He was then visually embarrassed probably more than me.

17 KW net open flue boiler - what is ventillation req?

Im sorry but if this is what tests whether you are 'fit for purpose' then im am disappointed. I can't actually believe i worried myself over this assessment.

I am happy to be now registered because i have put a lot of effort in and got my elements and near 100% on all papers first go.

The lesson is that if you have your ACS, its an easy ride to get Corgi.

But put the effort in to get your ACS and actually take on board and be aware. Most, if not all of what i learned is still fresh in my mind.

He then did his schpiel about Corgi and that his post will be carried over by Capita.

I then offered to show him all my books, testing equipment etc. On the way to my dining table where i had them all laid out he had already said he was impressed and welcomed me to the register.

Off to the pub!

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