Coronavirus: Trump to halt US funding for World Health Organisation

Starbucks changed because people voted with their feet.

That is all they care about. Legislators wont change
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The people whose opinions need to change are the legislators.

It is not a question of changing buying habits, but of corrercting the defects in our tax system.

Do you think that the citizens of this country hold the opinion:

1) It's fine for billionaires and multinationals to dodge taxes


2) Billionaires and multinationals should pay their fair share of taxes on the business they do in each country?

Citizens can vote.

And they did vote ;)
JohnD is 100% correct but it needs a world wide change so fat chance of anything happening.
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Not for preventing spreading - the main thing there is that people don't swap masks. There is a theory that it does help. China out of lock down looks to be still insisting on people wearing them when going into buildings but needn't outside. The WHO are re examining it. I

Somebody mentioned restoring masks. I bought few off amazon some time ago. Cheapo's for if some one here gets it and had thought of sticking them in the oven at 100C for a while.

I used the microwave to dry a Dyson filter more quickly recently - several brief doses as it was so wet. Life of all sorts needs some water so wonder about the virus? Some one mentioned the reason for not wearing a mask for 12hrs in a care home - it gets damp. Life is down to certain properties of water so ................ boil the b#stards with it.
Viruses aren't alive.

That said, it won't work any more, if you do boil one.

That's the basic idea. 900w should fix them pretty quickly. There is a reason I mentioned water and life.
W. H. O

Did they not appoint that stalwart
Of democracy / honesty and decency

Robert Mugabe as one of there W. H. O ambassadors

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