Cost of approx 22m of fetheredge panel fencing

18 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom

What should I expect to pay, in terms of labour cost for approx 22m of featheredge solid fencing panel installation (6ft type) with a concrete gravel board, wooden post and trellis above?

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Depends. Sloping site, any big shrubs or trees next to fence, parking restrictions etc etc.

Could be anywhere between £800 - £1600
I should have been clearer. Trimming some hedges but not a lot.
Any reason for the concrete gravel board and wooden post combo?

I assume you are only asking about labour cost as you know your materials prices, just curious as to the above.
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Yes because neighbour is a nuts and rightly/wrongly, I don't know is against any sort of concrete in the ground as he think they will damage his trees and plants. This is despite fence post concrete mix going into the ground. I would have preferred concrete posts but need to keep him on side for my house planning permission etc.

Yes correct just labour cost wondering

A nuts sounds about right...

A real shame you cant put up concrete posts as they would last a life time, done correctly of course.

Assuming you are paying for it, you could just do it anyway so that it's done right first time if it is your fence.

But I do understand the delicate balance of relationships across the boundary lines!

Good luck with that!
Thanks. He says something to do with the acidity / alkali levels that change in the soil as a result and doesn't want his Leylandii trees (monstrosity upto my lower roof line) to get damaged.

Spoke to his Portuguese gardener who put 16m of the fence up (at neighbours majority cost) who says there might be some truth to it. A landscape gardener I spoke to says wood looks better anyway. Personally I don't care I just don't want to put up another one in 10 years time.
if it was just a matter of appearance you could paint concrete posts.
How gullible is this neighbour? How about offering to wrap or dip the base in a magic concrete neutraliser* that makes the post safe for his precious trees.

*tap water

Or possibly the argument that having to replace a wooden post every couple of years would leave more concrete fragments in the ground that installing a concrete post properly.

There's also plastic posts available now, how is this guy on plastic in the ground?
I bought the place late last year, haven't even moved in yet because the house needs to undergo renovation but he's complained about bushes And trees that I've removed from my garden (which gave him privacy) because my garden was a jungle. Texted me at 4am when I was on holiday waking me up to complain about a tree my gardener was cutting down, complains when I did a bon fire to burn the old bushes during the late winter cold days.

I've kept it polite and we do talk because i cant risk planning issues with him but it concerns me about his style (he's well to do semi retired but, get this, a business mediator!). Anyway he paid for a replacement of part of my fence line costing £1500 to retain his privacy but I insisted on making a £500 contribution because he was trying to claim it was his (to prevent me from building a nice wall).

There's history.......and yes I'm giving one side of the story but trust me I'm a very reasonable person.

Oh.......did I forget to mention that my security camera caught his clearer parking in my drive one day a week without asking (have since given him permission since we are not there).

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