Defence Minister discusses Conscription

Makes you laugh, offering to conscript criminals, they didn't in the 30s/40s, you are called up whether you liked it not, poor fookers, fought for this country and look what's happened, were the laughing stock of europe,whether we're in or out of europe.I
This lot today would Shiite their pants a just the thought of being called up.
This country is goosed and will be even more when Starmers lot get in.

A 100 years ago people lied about their age for the opportunity to go to war and defend their country, today they would hide under the duvet with their smartphones crying they are being victimised :LOL:
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There will be an apocalypse and your Houses will be ruins, rags for clothes and you’ll all be there still moaning about migrants. Absolute waste of oxygen as human beings.
Surley since they would defending main land europe, the remainers would want to go first?
You need the intelligent bunch directing drones, tactical warfare and Tecnical code breaking. Get the thickos on the front line. Not that they found a link In intellect between remainers and leavers…. Ehhh herm!
Conscripts were always whingeing and the regulars didn’t like them. I can understand that.
I want three volunteers. You you and you!
dunno why but, I hear words such as conscription, National Service, The Draft, and I see this in my mind.

And that did not end well.

I look at younger people and wonder if they have any 'get up and go' in them these days, or has it all got up and went.

I have turned in to my father.
I don’t think it would bother me too much, that way if I died whilst in combat it would save me doing it.
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I wonder if the like of new " British Citizens" would be signing up to defend their new country, like fook
What like all those commonwealth types that fought for Queen and Country only to buried in unmarked graves?
If they see that reward for fighting then fair play if they say **** off
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