Dimmable 24v Led driver recomendations ?

20 Sep 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi, i am trying to source a reliable 24v dimmable led driver for a 30w led strip.
Any recomendations ?

Thanks in advance,

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1.25 amp does not seem right for a driver? Normally around 320 mA and the voltage will not be fixed. I will guess the driver is built into the LED strip if rated 30W and what you need is a simply power supply? For the power supply to talk to the built in driver the two must match. If the drive is pulse width modulated then the power supply will likely need to clip the AC wave form to instruct the driver to reduce current. But if a simple resistor is used as a driver then just dropping the voltage will dim the LED's.

So I would say buy matching units. Do not try to mix and match. Much depends why you are using LED lamps. If simply decoration your not worried about how many Lumen per watt. Some of the colour changing LED strips use as much power as tungsten lamps but that hardly matters if for decoration.
Hi, thanks for your input. The led strip is 30w and is made by Sensio they make a non dim driver which is 24v which works with the strip, but i would like to dim the lighting from a 240v led dimmer.

Sensio make a 24v dimmer with remote ,but i don't want to be faffing around with remotes i just want to include it in a grid switch in my kitchen.


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Trim a smidge off the end and fit one of these.....?


They're frickin brilliant.

Thanks for that, but it's not dimmable.The driver i have tried is aurora and is meant to be dimmable.However when the dimmer is turned down the led strip pulses of and on af full brightness. The dimmer is suitable for leds.

I'll keep searching!


That was silly of me, I was looking for a dimmable one and must have missed the non bit! Seems the biggest CC driver they do in dimmable is 700mA. And the only dimmable CV one they do in 24v is £140! And looks like it's the size of a house brick!

Will the strip not work at 12v? Have you tried it?
No but i will give it a try at 12v. When i connect only one section (10w) it does the same thing, ie pulses.

Thanks again,

How is it wired? Could you conceivably use 3 x drivers? And is your dimmer leading or trailing edge? That could be your issue I suppose?
The driver i have is designed to work on both types of dimmer.


Yes i would agree,i'll get quote for one.

Thanks for your advice.


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