Dimmer recomendation for 12 x LED downlights or do i have a bigger issue

7 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I was wondering if someone could recommend me a suitable dimmer switch or let me know if i have a bigger issue.

I have 12 downlights in a 4M x 6M lounge that were put in by the builder, i don't remember choosing that many but even i think it's excessive, they were initially 50W halogen but i have now replaced them with dimmable 5.5w phillips LED's and non dimmable for the rest of the house (about 40 total) in an effort to bring the bills down.

I put in a v pro dimmer switch recommended by varilight but when turning the lights on they fade in and out for about 10 seconds before eventually staying on and also and when they are off I get a faint light from some small wall decorative LED's in the attached built in conservatory, switched independently.

I have since put back the standard switch and it's all OK again or at least no fading in or out.

As i understand it dimmer switches sometimes struggle with lots of LED's and the bulbs are on the compatibility list as well as Deta the maker of the downlights confirming i can swap no issue to LED's so can anyone let me know if i have a bigger issue or a better dimmer is available

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V Pro Dimmers often fade in an out when they are asking to be programmed.
(progam mode is selected by the manner in which you switch on the lights, so it happens occasionly on mine when I accidently switch them on and off in teh manner shown below).
They can be programmed in 2 or 3 different formats.
Have you tried programming in any of the other dimming methods that they offer?
https://www.varilight.co.uk/leaflets/V-Pro Dimmer Series Instruction Leaflet 775.pdf

You may be able to improve the performance of your lamps by changing
the driving mode to MODE 3, or with some types of lamp MODE 2.
NB. It has been noted that some LEDs do not show the programming as
well as others. If you are having difficulty seeing the programming steps,
you can replace one LED lamp with a halogen one for the duration of the
programming in order to see the steps more clearly.
1. Switch on and set the dimmer knob to the MAXIMUM position (turn fully
2. Turn the lights off and back on again. OFF – ON, roughly once per
3. Repeat step 2 at least twice more. OFF – ON – OFF – ON, roughly
once per second.
4. The lights will step up and down in brightness to show that the dimmer
is in CONFIGURATION MODE, then either stay at a low light level or
go off.
5. To select MODE 3, first turn the knob fully anti-clockwise then fully
clockwise. For MODE 2, just turn the knob fully anti-clockwise.
6. The lights will FLASH 3 TIMES or TWICE to show which mode the
dimmer is in. The dimmer can be operated normally in the new mode......

No idea about the other lights, could be capaciative coupling issue.

V-Pro dimmers say 10x lamps maximum regardless or type or power draw. Try removing a few lamps and see if you get the same results.
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