DIY gas

I'm not making a point, I'm asking questions.

I've seen posts suggesting that DIYers could be prosecuted for trying to repair their own boiler. I've seen posts suggesting it's not true.

AFAIK nobody gets prosecuted for trying to repair their own stairs.
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AFAIK nobody gets prosecuted for trying to repair their own stairs.

I doubt that carrying out repairs to your own staircase could pose a risk (explosion) to nearby dwellings..
So tell me JD , how would you deem if someone is competent in order to carry out gas related works??
On what grounds would you recommend someone to carry out these gas works?
Why have you constructed the fantasy that I am the one to answer those questions?
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Regrettably these interesting debates always go the same way.

I don't think there is anyone on this thread that thinks DIY gas work is a good idea, or is safe.

It seems impossible to discuss the legality of DIY gas work because the same sort of people come along and confuse the issue with rants along the lines of "how can you sleep at night" etc.

If DIY gas work is legal (we are debating whether it is here) (opinion is divided) - that doesn't mean it is a good idea. This debate is not about whether it's a good idea.

Competence is deliberately undefined. It's for a court to decide. Being gas-safe is not a test of competence; it's evidence that the person has sufficient skills and knowledge to work competently. Even a gas safe engineer could do work incompetently.
I would say to anyone contemplating diy gas work that it is not possible to assess your own competence objectively. My competence has been demonstrated and certificated. For the diyer, I suggest they let their family and neighbours be the judge of their competence. After all they are the ones who could be affected if things go wrong.

Anyway this will be my last post on this thread, the pub is calling and I've got pockets bulging with cash taken from people who could easily have serviced and repaired their own boilers if they hadn't listened to my lies about how it was illegal.
You NEED an array of calibrated machinery now to test for gas safety. Most boilers that you could test with matches/eyes/smell have long gone. If a DIYer did any how would they do tests ?
If you build a starircase and it collapsed and injured / killed somebody you would be prosecuted, build a wall that falls on someone - prosecuted, dig a hole someone falls into - prosecuted. You work on your boiler and it works ok forever then absolutely no problem, if your work kills or injures someone you will be prosecuted same as us. There is no law preventing you getting all the information required, dozens of books are available and it is also mandatory for a book to be left with you advising on fault finding and servicing, this site has a policy of no gas advice since the combustion chamber started but thats purely a self imposed choice.
If a diyer undertakes gas work and causes an accident then they will, by outcome, have shown themselves not to be competent and should expect to fall foul of the law as it stands.
Really ? Just to be clear here, you are saying that if someone "gets it wrong" then that demonstrates "not competent" ?
Does this mean that by virtue of nothing going wrong they were,therefore, competent and acting legally or that they should have been able to demonstrate competence in some way before starting the work?
You appear to think that "getting it wrong" is synonymous with "not competent" - ruling out "competent but made a mistake". The logical flipside to that is "got it right" indicates "competent" - ruling out "not competent but got it right by accident".

And I'll repeat questions I asked a while ago regarding competency which you all ignored.
Would a competent person use a bit of flexy flue liner to link a gas flue to a ridge terminal ?
Would a competent person connect a new gas appliance to that flue ?
Would a competent person (when it's spotted) replace that flexy liner with twin-wall flue fitted upside down and retained only by gaffa tape ?
Would a competent person leave out a key seal in a room sealed boiler ?

Well Simon I hope you sleep well
Yes thanks
it's not the courts you need to worry about it's your concscience which will prick you every day
for the rest of your life.
Oh I know - sadly better than most, though nothing to do with the subject of this thread. But you should see the abuse I've had in other threads here from people convinced that it's wrong to say anything when there a clearly hazardous situation.

SimonH2 ( IDIOT ) ... anyone with a little sense you love talking shyte . so you know its not illegal, who gives a shyte with your useless and dangerous information and the fact you actually trawled through 5 year old threads shows how sad you really/useless you really are :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Oh how grown up - as usual we see those entrenched in their cosy closed shop get all abusive when their lies are exposed. And you can't even get your abusive insults right - because I did not trawl up a 5 year old thread, it just happens to be a thread I'd previously commented on that someone else dragged up.
Why ? There is a saying that ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME - in this case, leave ME out of it. You make assumptions about what I do, and you make assumptions about my qualifications.
and stop justifying your actions:cautious: , no point in trying to hide your posts in your profile now because we can all still see them:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I don't try and hide my posts, and unlike some cowards I'm prepared to put my name to them.

For the avoidance of doubt, since some of you seem incapable of understanding : there is a difference between pointing out the outright lies being spouted by some of those with a vested interest in maintaining a closed shop, and suggesting that anyone should just dive in and do whatever they want. I don't believe I've ever advocated the latter.
Well this is the first time i've used the ignore button (y)
As I said several posts ago, in the absence of what constitutes "competent" for a diyer, the courts would almost certainly use the wording which applies to the vast majority of people undertaking gasworks, i.e. tradesmen.

I'd imagine this would be the case if the HSE prosecuted a diyer for undertaking gas work regardless of whether injuries were incurred as a result.
I have no idea how these keyboard experts have the time/energy/inclination to argue the toss about the legality or otherwise of DIY gas work.

This time could be spent doing something worthwhile surely?

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