Do we have the worst or the best England team?

worst or best England team?

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    Votes: 3 27.3%
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    Votes: 1 9.1%
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I'm not normally into football that much so I'm a bit of a lay-man. When I heard that all the usual suspects wouldn't be playing in Euro 2012, I suddenly became interested and even thought we might have a chance of doing well.

I've watched both games and personally think that they did well; played as a team, scored the necessary goals and at certain times looked very promising. It seems we even have a manager with intelligence who appears to make the right decisions at the right time. There were a few defensive mistakes but they can improve on that.

I watched the post match drivel on tv and thought that the 'experts' criticised the current team a bit too much, three of them having played many times for England but 'hey!' you didn't win the tournament either!

So Will Rooney play in the next game? I don't remember him doing much during the last world cup.
It seems that the dinosaurs have gone and made way for fresh players who have something to prove.

Am I right or talking lay-man rubbish?
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I wouldnt be surprised if we managed to squeeze it to the final!
Denmark and Greece did it with worse teams!
Ive said it before, the best players dont always make the best teams..
Footballs a funny old game.
All the teams are rubbish no matter what nationality they are.

Noone absolutely noone earning 50k a week should ever make a single pass that gets intercepted or a cross that goes into the box with noone to collect it but a bevvy of the opposing side.

England did both of the above several times last night. I'm no trained footballer but even I could kick a ball as a gift to the opposing side , where do I sign up for my 50k a week?
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Bringing the young 'uns through is a huge positive.... although all of our best players are just bit part payers in our own league.... you watch, most of the stars of this competition, will play in the Premiership.... but for other countries.... we need to address that before we become a good National side