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16 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom

Just bought a new house. Living room has 1 single ugly downlight in centre. Would like to replace with standard ceiling rose but hole looks bigger than the hole ceiling rose. Anybody have any tips on how to get rid of this downlight/big hole once removed and replace with standard ceiling rose ?

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Get some decent cardboard, 20% or so over hole size, make hole in centre, feed string through hole and tie to a cocktail stick or match.

Feed cardboard in to hole, then pull string to hold cardboard against inner plaster surface making a dam.

While holding string rough plaster in the hole. Allow to dry, cut string and finish the plastering.

If you want the wiring to exit in old hole area, bring wiring through cardboard prior to initial plastering.
If you can get access to it from above use ply/MDF/chip so that screws can bite into that rather than just plaster, and glue it to the top surface of the ceiling.
what is the diameter of this hole?

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2 pieces of batten through the hole, screwed across it (spaced to take screws from the ceiling rose.. )
then a piece of plasterboard cut and shaped to fit.. ( hole in the middle to pass the cable through..
then skim the screwheads and gap and paint..
job done..
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I normally opt for one or two short lengths of 2x1 timber, feed them through the hole you want patching then screw through the ceiling either side of the hole to hold the timbers in place.
Then cut a circular hole from another piece of plasterboard the same size diameter of the hole you're covering and screw that up against the timber that's now fixed over the hole.
Finish plaster over the area to make good.

Obviously you'll need to bring the existing cables through the area first.
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