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17 May 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi - would appreciate some advice

I have a WB condensing system boiler paired with an unvented cylinder. Currently controlled by a 24/7 wired in programmer and room thermostat with TRVs on most rads.

I'm looking at Wiser Thermostat Kit 2 so I can control my heating and HW when I'm away from home - say returning from work. I amy also fit some of their Smart TRVs.

I looked at Honeywell T6R H/W but this seems more expensive than Drayton for a similar result.

Has anyone used Drayton Wiser and what do they think?
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Hi, I installed the Drayton Wiser system about 20 months ago, on my gas combi boiler system. Initially I started out with the basic kit of controller, room monitor and 2 smart TRV's, linked to an app on my Android phone. It worked well, including controlling our heating from abroad when we were on holiday in January 2020 apart from a few minor hiccups around the house's Wi-fi sometimes dropping off the connection to the controller. Using the system to divide our home into zones proved effective and gave a bit of a cost saving. I subsequently added a Wi-Fi extender to improve the connection and a couple more smart TRV's, as well as linking everything to our Alexa. I can now use voice commands from home, or app control when we're out. I'm pleased with the overall results. Hope this helps - feel free to ask any questions you might have. Stay safe and well. Ken
hi - thanks for sharing your experience - I think I may just get the kit without the TRVs. Did you have to change the backplate of your original programmer when fitting the Wiser controller or did it slot straight on - I currently have a Honeywell programmer and I hope the Drayton will not require much fiddling! Did you also have a room stat in your old system and did you remove this as part of the installation?
Hi Sam.
I was lucky that my original system was also Drayton with a 'central' programmer/timer
based in the sitting room. A key factor in me selecting Drayton Wiser was that Draytons have a universal backplate, so it was simply a question of unplugging the old and plugging in the new. Having said that (bearing mind I'm a DIYer, not any sort of expert) it seems to me that most units are very similar in their wiring, so it should be easy to fit a Wiser backplate if that's the road you go down. In reality the boiler controller unit is just an on/off switch for the boiler. If you browse some of the other posts, you'll find other people talking about replacing different backplates and wiring tips.

As for your idea of not having Smart TRV's, that will work in terms of you having 'remote' control, but it will still have all the restrictions of your existing system. Having the Smart TRV's gives you the control to have individual rooms at different temperatures to the rest or to be on a different time cycle, but obviously comes at a price. I set my system up pre-covid when we were always abroad several months of the year, especially in winter, so all I wanted was the ability to have the system switch on/off at a particular temperature and change that temperature if there was a cold snap and to be be able to manage it from wherever we were on our travels. We haven't travelled since Feb 2020, so I invested in the extra TRV's so I could have independent control of individual rooms. It was more from a comfort perspective but there is a bit of an overall cost-saving, though it will take a few years for payback. In truth, it was more a question of doing it because I could, if that makes sense, and it made an interesting lockdown project for me.
If I were advising, I'd say it depends on how much control you want as well as the size of your house and how much you want to invest.

I hope this helps. If you do decide to invest in Smart TRV's I'm happy to share my experience of how to set up the zones for best effect.

Cheers. Stay safe & well.

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Hi have you ever experienced the problem of one rad coming on when you don’t need it? If I just want the bedroom rad on for instance my living room rad comes on and overrides any schedule set. It comes on whenever any of the other rads are on. It’s so annoying as no one is in there and the rad is hot for no reason. It used to have a room stat and no TRV and I was told that it will always call for heat without a TRV so I removed the room stat and put on a TRV but it’s still doing the same thing and heating whether I like it it not
You really should start your own thread.

However I had loads of problems with my system with radiators getting warm when they should have been off, and it turned out I was getting reverse flow due to having two pumps.

Changing the TRV heads did help, but ended up with motorised valves so the flat and main house were independent of each other.

But if you take a TRV with a non electronic head then the point where it starts to open and when fully open have around 6ºC between the two points, with electronic heads this is reduced but still around 2ºC the whole idea is analogue control, they slowly open and close maintaining the set temperature. So with a modulating boiler the radiators get warmer or cooler not simply on/off.

The TRV at 12 midday every Saturday exercises, fully opening and fully closing then returning to setting, designed to stop them sticking, this takes around 6 minutes, if the lock shield valve is set correctly the TRV has enough time to adjust the flow without the radiator over heating while it is doing it, but if not set the radiator can get really hot before the valve can close, this causes the room to over shoot, so I use the TRV valve to assist setting the lock shield. Depending on make the valves show current and target temperatures.. TRV-report1.jpg1699766226398.png So if current exceeds target then close the lock shield a little, and very quickly you get it so the valve has the time required to adjust, once set I found rooms stayed at temperature set. However I had to cheat with the Energenie and set at 7 am to 22ºC then at 8 am to 20ºC as the built in anti-hysteresis was OTT, new home has a smaller boiler and the house is much bigger, and boiler is not a modulating type, so does not work as well with oil to as it did with gas.

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