ebay experiences

I've bought quite a bit of stuff of ebay in the past. Including a few cars, a van, a Range cooker, and quite a bit of industrial type stuff. I did all of these transactions as Cash on Collection. No problems at all. Ironically, the two cheapest items that I ever bought, both caused the most trouble.

A digital camera (paid £12 inc post and packing), got held up by my local sorting office for over two months. They wouldn't even admit they had it, untill I got the registration number from the vendor.

A CD (paid £7 inc post and packing). The seller insisted on using PayPal and nothing else. This turned out to be an absolute nightmare (the paypal site was experiencing problems at the time) It took about 6 hours to get registered, another 4 to make the payment, then another two weeks for the vendor to confirm that it had been paid. All this agro really anoyed me as, I had specifically chosen this vendor due to his home address being within 12 miles of my own home (at the time). I now check every item, to ensure that I never again, have to use payPal.

Unfortunately, I've found lateley that ebay is a victim of it's own success. Especially when looking at cars. The prices being achieved are just too high.

I once won the bidding on an immaculate Toyota Celica, less than two years old, for just 450 US Dollars. For one reason or another, this car wasn't attracting the attention of the Yanks (Possibly the concept of buying from an anonnymous foreign source and then having the agro of organising the shipping from the UK). Having the sale end at 4:30 AM (New York time) didn't help. Meanwhile, most British punters were probably ignoring it, as they assumed that it was in America. The seller backed out, claiming that "someone had stolen his ID, and the car is not for sale at all". Oh well, you can't win them all.
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ohhhh a Toyota Celica...was it a brit version ?

I was young/daft an my second car was an A REGD Toyota Celica,top spec it cost me secondhand 8K it was a Class car ,

Miami Vice had Flip all on me an my pal Stevie , we were crockett an tubbs around town we were like Mr an Mrs as a joke as we went on the pull together ... the car was as Jez Clarkson would say , it WAS A KNICKER DROPPER AT 50 yards

I must say this was the 80s women loved to be loved with good stuff , not just a taxi home from a night club an sex ,

although Finefare carpark multistory got some visits ,my mate stevie in the passenger seat reclined an his lady astride him
an me with mine we would ride them .....
an then swap , lol,

but a smartly dressed fella picking them up in very flash car to go to a nice meal , to the casino an back to stevies flat for drinks an fun was ...WONDERFUL ......


what regd was the car ?
I remember watching this edition of the money programme on BBC2. It was about Ebay and it was called "money for old rope". The presenter went to some beach somewhere and collected a bag load of old rope that the tide had washed up. He then put it up for sale on Ebay.

I couldnt believe it. Someone actually bought it for a couple of quid. Some people are obsessed with ebay and will buy any old s**t. I sold something and signed up for Paypal cos I thought it would be easy. When I sold it, Paypal charged me for selling it, then charged me again for transferring the money to my bank account. They are owned by ebay and the whole lot of them are rip off merchants.
i dont know if its true, but you used to be able to buy "positive feed backs"

i would also like to echo the thoughts of watch out for OTT postage, i have recall seeing somethings that dont weigh much with a low starting bid, but too high p & p cost for weight of item
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ive equipped most of my business through e-bay or people who advertise on e-bay and sell direct through their websites. Its the same story as anywhere else, buyer beware, and if its too good a bargin than it probably is. You just need to do a bit of research on the cost of things and the specifications and make sure of what you are buying

Ive sold on there as well. Again as long as you area carful then you can limit your risks.

As for paypal charging fees, annoying, but then they are a business ot a charity. the alternative is to write a cheque and post it, but most people want the convenience.