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7 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
Just a warning to anybody who`s thinking about selling on ebay, theres a con -artist at work under the name of Clairefor89real. I was selling a phone on a 7 day listing starting at a fiver or a buy it now price of £60, this buyer won the auction but I received an email from this buyer telling me that his/her paypal account had been shut down and that he/she wanted to pay me via bidpay and they wanted the item sending to Nigeria! even though I clearly stated I was only posting to UK addresses. So if anybody out there is selling on ebay then watch your auction very closely and check the winning bidders background first!
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thats an old trick, they send you more money, ask you to send differnce back, the payment from them is false, you are then out of pocket
Just checked her rating in 'community'

clairefor89real ( -4 ) Less than 1 month Cheshire, United Kingdom

Definitely a ferret loose there like :!:
with reference to paypal
try this

now, a few years ago i lost "x "amount of money, well not lost. it was in my paypal account.....but i just couldnt get it out

but seriously folks, dont say i didnt warn ya. :rolleyes:
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I did a bit of research on ebay and I found that I was the fifth seller that almost got stung by this buyer, I looked at Clairefor89Real feedback and looked at all of the items that this buyer had made a bid on and found out that all four auctions ended with buy it now and each item was a mobile phone! Fortunately I wasn`t daft enough to give out any personal details, and in future i`ll keep a close eye on bidders.
Life is full of cons, ebay even more so.

The '419' scam (well publicised, look for warnings all over the place.....wish I had!) is very common and is just another way for people to get hold of cash ....your cash.

Assuming this was a 419, which is seems to be, I would definately contaact ebay and talk to them about it. It wastes their time as well as yours.

Also if you have a email address then contact the server telling them you suspect abuse of their server. It will probably be Yahoo and they do respond.

Otherwise I'm amazed at some of the things people try to get away with on ebay.
Another scam to watch for is Email messages, supposedly from Ebay, advising that you need to update your details, otherwise your account will be suspended.

The link in the message leads to a login screen for Ebay. The criminals can then use your details to login, change the Email address for your account, and wreek havoc in your name, without you even being aware that it's happening.