What is it with eBay these days?

I'm trying to sell my car (it's an XJ12) which considering fuel prices (it's a 6 litre v12) and the recession aren't particularly popular at the moment.

So realistically it's worth a grand, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

Fact is though, that eBay is an auction site. You place a bid, and the item goes to the highest bidder when the auction closes.

I must have had 10 messages today, all people asking "what is the lowest price you'll take?" or "will you sell early for £xxx?"

All of whom I've replied to saying No, it's an auction, bid on the item, it's yours if you are the highest bidder at the end.

Is it just me who finds this a bit annoying?
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some donkeys will always try it on.....and its against ebay rules to do what they're doing!

Never tried auctioning off a car on ebay as their fee suck for more expensive items.
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i sold my old motorbike on ebay from one of those "questions", it was on about £800 and the bloke payed "2100 (which was just below what i told him i wanted for it)
Glad it's just not me then.

I'm half expecting someone to message me saying something like "I know you are selling a jaguar, but do you have a toaster for sale?"

The irrelevance knows no bounds.

I've not been asked to split the sale yet, but I'm sure that'll come in time.
I put a Korg M1 Synthesiser on recently, despite me insisting on a feedback minimum of 10 the winning bidder had only been on Ebay for less than a month, had Zero & tried to offer me direct bank transfer then postal orders (both known scam methods).

So I have cancelled the sale, I'll relist it again in a while.

Pity, I was looking foreward to £160 for it, would have come in useful.
i use postal orders all the time,paypal ripped me off over a laptop i sold and the bloke i sold it 2 had his money refunded to him by paypal 2 weeks later,i personally always email the seller 1st too see if they would acept a postal order before i bid on anything and i always send it recorded delivery.

how much for the wheels and interior of your 'toaster'??? :LOL:
Hello, my good friend.

I am Reverend Dr Muntango Umbongo, and I like buying your jag for my aids infested mother of 25 brothers and sisters to help with travel to water hole to feed my poor family.

I send you check for one zillion Zimbabwe dollars and you post car to my town and keep the change, thank you.

Please reply your agreement
Can you believe it!!! :D

I've just had some joker going by the name of rflighting asking me if I have a toaster for sale! (I don't suppose any of you know him?)

In the words of doctor evil, this is getting re-goddamn-diculous.

In any case, it's sold now, to a Reverend Dr Muntango Umbongo, I'm really quite pleased, I managed to get 48 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars for it. All I need to do now is transfer £10,000 into his account by wire to cover expenses. Bargain!
STOP Don't sell it to him he's a scam merchant! that's RF Lighting I mean :) Dr Umbongo's a nice chap :D
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