STOP Don't sell it to him he's a scam merchant! that's RF Lighting I mean :) Dr Umbongo's a nice chap :D

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What colour is the toaster? Is it a two or four slice toaster? Would you include a loaf of bread with it?

My friend got ripped off with the bank transfer thing (silly woman). Can't remember what she was buying but the guy gave her his sort code and account number, she transferred the money and

Guess what?

She didn't get what she was bidding on.

So she had to look for her toaster elsewhere!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
some donkeys will always try it on.....and its against ebay rules to do what they're doing! oh dear lt's agalnst the rules!!!, you stlLL at school???

Never tried auctioning off a car on ebay as their fee suck for more expensive items.
..... exactly!!"! people are throwlng a bld.. take lt or leave lt......agalnst the rules? ....FFS :eek:
I put a Korg M1 Synthesiser on recently, despite me insisting on a feedback minimum of 10 the winning bidder had only been on Ebay for less than a month, had Zero & tried to offer me direct bank transfer then postal orders (both known scam methods).

So I have cancelled the sale, I'll relist it again in a while.

Pity, I was looking foreward to £160 for it, would have come in useful.

FFS, no wonder you wlLL have to reLlst,..........your a dope... you get my postal orders, cash e'm, then send me the goods, am l mlsslng somethlng??????????????????????
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Yea, I know about the nigerian scams that trick greedy gullible people.

But I don't understand how postal orders or bank transfer can be abused. I would accept PO's or give the buyer my name, bank sort code and a/c No. Once the money is in my account I send the goods - have I missed something?

I would'nt accept a cheque as payment under any circumstances

Also, as I understand it, the trouble with paypal is that the transaction can be completed and then the buyer claims not to have received the goods and paypal returns their money. How soon after a sale can you withdraw the money from paypal?
you can either have a postal order crossed or uncrossed,crossed means that it will be paid into a bank account and take however long the bank takes to clear a normal cheque,uncrossed means you can cash it at your local post office the day you recieve it.