Electric oven cooling/exhaust fan

23 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

the good news is we go the keys to our new flat. the bad news is the oven makes a loud humming/vibrating noise even if only the light is turned on.

i found out that it is the cooling fan that is stuck and the motor is being strained. it is a built under electric single oven (caple 221/fss).

my first problem is getting the oven out of its hole. it wont pull out and the manual doesn't shed any light.

the second problem is; how do i replace/restore the cooling fan?

the third problem is; where do i buy parts for this and is there a generic fan i can use?

the fourth is; is it safe to be using the oven in this state?

it looks to me like the fan is just gunged up with grease and fat so i may just be able to clean it.

all help is greatly appreciated
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1st. There should be some screws holding it in place to the unit.
2nd. You'll need to open the oven up to see what type of fan it is and how it's fitted.
3rd. Local repair shop.
4th. No. Without the cooling the wiring and controls will get too hot and eventually damaged.

The cooling fan shouldn't run when just the light is on, it should run once the machine reaches a certain temperature and run on after use till it's cooled down. So you have more than a stuck fan I'm afraid.
I would however like to know how you managed to diagnose that a) the cooling fan is stuck and b) it's gunged up with fat and grease, without managing to get it out of the unit and opened up?
i opened the door and shone a torch down the duct (it seemed to be where the noise was coming from) i could see the centrifugal fan vibrating as if being held back. i could see that it is covered in grease and dirt and im making the assumption that its the dirt and the fact it hasn't been used in quite some time that has stopped it.

this being my first electric oven and attempt at fixing an electric oven im pretty naive about these things. so i really do appreciate your help.

i assume there will be some kind of temperature sensor on the fan that has gone wrong too. i'll phone caple and see if i can order a replacement.

id really like to avoid paying their people to come out and fix it because it would be cheaper to buy a new oven.
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:LOL: That's a novel way of doing it. Still, at least you know you got it right before you order any parts.
Without knowing the model you're working on I'd guess that the stat controlling the fan needs replacing. If it's stalled due to grease and much then a strip down, clean and grease should get it running again. If not, then a trip to the local recycling unit may yield some 2nd hand parts.
Good luck with the repair.

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