Excessive moss on asbestos corrugated roof.

16 Aug 2013
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United Kingdom

I have an asbestos corrugated garage roof, approximately 2.4m by 6.5m. The roof has considerable moss growing on it, and because my house is pebble dashed there are lots of stone pebbles scattered along the roof edging. The roof has started to leak in a few places, mainly where the roof butts up against the main wall of the house. I think this is because of the excessive moss, and the stone pebbles, that’s stopping the water from running off into the gutter ie there are pools of water just sitting on the roof. There are also one or two cracks, but not too many.

I can’t afford to have the roof replaced right now so as a short term measure I thought I would have the roof cleaned ie remove the moss & pebbles. Of course I understand that because of the asbestos gloves and a mask should be worn for health & safety. However I do have two questions . Firstly can a crack on an asbestos corrugated sheet be repaired and how?... Secondly, after the cleanup is there something that can be used to treat the asbestos corrugated sheets ie something I can paint or spray onto the sheets to make it more waterproof/protect it etc?

Your advice is much appreciated.


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Agree with above - Acrypol and scrim, best way to deal with asbestos sheet splits and gaps.

You've not, however, shown clear pics of the flashing lines against the wall abutments - pics will help.

Beware of accessing, or allowing anyone else to access, an old, sodden asbestos roof - its sometimes so fragile that a finger can pierce it.

Roof ladder(s) & boards should be used, but only after a risk assessment.

Do not walk on the bare roof.
Thanks for the replies.

I have a back condition that's easily aggravated so I don't think I'll be doing the work myself.

I contacted a local roofer and he has given me a quote of £590, and for that he said he would... "clean the roof of all moss, seal any cracks with seal tape, and coat whole roof area with industrial sealer with added fibres".

Is this a reasonable quote?... to be honest it's a little bit more than what I was expecting. In fact do I really need to use a specialist tradesman like a Roofer, wouldn't a competent handyman do?
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Price, of course, depends on a number of things - how high, how many workers, what equipment and materials? But, on the face of it, it does seem high - but i'm not there on site.

Given the outlay involved in another repair (its not the first), why not look into replacing such an old fragile roof with something new & better?

Believe me, some roofs are like cars - bite the bullet for an ultimately much cheaper deal.

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