Explosive Ignition

Very true. Most men have some thought come up in their mind every seven seconds alledgedly.
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I remember the first response i ever went to.
Winters night boiler fitted by back door near kitchen window.
And what seems to be the problem sir.
Before the bloke can say a word ...BANG and back garden lights up and 3 foot flame shoots out the flue.
Fek did i jump.
Guy says its been doing that for days now
Pile of sh#te
Ben if you think that was funny you should have seen the look on my face.
When laying in front of a vulcan continental pressing the pilot button for 3O secs to purge the pilot supply then hitting the repetitive spark button .
Only to find gas valve was passing BOOM ,customer waited till she heard me moving thought i must have been injured .
Phoned us back up later when she found the flue terminal 20 feet up the back garden. :eek:
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I was kneeling in front of the Rabbi's boiler in Golders Green when his son said that the last engineer had died of a heart attack in the same position in front of the boiler!

I fixed it quickly and left!

Thanks for your help, it was my boiler :oops:

I had my boiler fixed / checked by a gas engineer this morning, apparantly the pilot injector was partially blocked, dirty with lint or dust or something and the pilot light was too small and this was the cause of explosive ignition eveytime the hot water and heating came on.

I asked him about explosive ignition and he said there are loads of causes, including meter regulator being faulty which gas supplier only can fix, blockage in the gas pipe and burner pressure too low or too high. So I pestered him for 1/2 hour !!!

Thanks for your help though. I believe one or 2 of you said it was a pilot problem.
Most of us would know what its likely to be.

But we dont give advice on gas matters to people who are not registered gas engineers or encourage DIY gas work.

costumer said boiler noisy?
ok, C25 thats normal.could be calibration or flue i thought :idea:
turned on to check. BANG :eek: :arrow:
found welding failed on burner.
burner dropped inside heat ex :eek: :arrow: :arrow:
costumer said boiler noisy?
ok, C25 thats normal.could be calibration or flue i thought :idea:
turned on to check. BANG :eek: :arrow:
found welding failed on burner.
burner dropped inside heat ex :eek: :arrow: :arrow:

that's Keston for you. :LOL:
theres always two side of a coin in this industry

yes, c25 awful,but now discontinued,its a gamble in boiler market,they had the guts to try it.
a keston c55, would outlast a valiant,in underfloor heating or swimming pool heating.
if correctly fitted.some installs where dreadful.
and a quados,is a decent boiler.if correctly installed.
there were a small company,and looked after installers,now ideal support them,who knows.and so on.
I went to a C55 at 2230 one evening. It was not recognising the flame. But I was not able to get it going by midnight. ( Think it was the PCB which was replaced only eight weeks before ).

At least British Gas then spent FOUR days unable to repair it before the landlord got fed up and had it replaced by a Vaillant.

The landlord was annoyed because the BG contract said that if they were unable to repair a boiler they would replace it! In reality they would not replace it until they had fiddled about for about 30 days leaving the up market tenants withoug heating or hot water!

c55,c40 are tricky to repair,but can be repaired if economical to do so.
i will do a list of fault finding ,once i've sorted how to download pics.
im doing a list for me engineer mates.
nothing worse than getting stuck on boilers late at night.

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